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Press Releases
  Delta Smart Manufacturing Solution Showcases at “Assembly and Automation Technology 2019” in Thailand
Delta took part in the “Assembly and Automation Technology 2019” show in Thailand from June 19th to 22nd. The spotlights were on Smart Manufacturing Solutions, Dynamic Smart Production Line Demo and a keychain making machine. Delta’s evolutionary automated products and digitalized production management solutions for various industries drew the attention of a large number of visitors during the exhibition.

The “Assembly and Automation Technology 2019” show is one of the largest exhibitions in Southeast Asia. At the 4-day show there were 330 exhibitors from 27 countries with 85,000 customers and visitors. They were there to see the latest technologies for fluid, power transmission, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, quality control, automation equipment, mechanic components, logistics, IT and much more.

For the show, Delta tailored its automated products and solutions to the needs of Thai industries for smart manufacturing. Featured products included:

Smart Manufacturing Solution and Dynamic Smart Production Line Demo:Delta is experienced in industrial automation as well as the knowhow for both software and hardware. The integration of software in manufacturing control and hardware in smart machines and equipment make it possible to exhibit smart manufacturing solutions and a dynamic production line demo. Delta’s DIAMES Manufacturing Execution System and DIASVP Smart Visualization Platform integrates software for manufacturing execution and management, while the DIAEnergie Industrial Energy Management System provides energy usage monitoring. The smart production line demo combined Delta’s automated products and equipment to demonstrate the prior-production processes of feeding, material discrimination, pick-and-place, sorting, and material distribution.

Delta’s execution and monitoring software enables data collection and analysis with industrial PCs and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for real-time monitoring. The equipment operation status and factory production lines are all in control. Whenever the equipment malfunctions, the system sends alarms to managers for rapid handling to greatly reduce machine idle time and enhance efficiency.

DIAMES Manufacturing Execution System:DIAMES is the key feature for a smart factory. Building SOP is essential to an industry, and it helps with developing connections between Enterprising Resource Planning (ERP) and equipment & manufacturing process monitoring. The smart manufacturing solution creates a smart factory with the advantages of a stable manufacturing process, smooth production and quality control.

DIASVP Smart Visualization Platform:A fast and easy setup allows users to monitor smart factory production remotely. Through the plant visualization panel, the DIASVP monitors the production status in real-time.

DIAEnergie Industrial Energy Management System:The system collects and analyzes energy data from high energy consumption equipment. It constantly offers help to optimize equipment operation status efficiency, improve production processes and plan energy management strategy. With DIAEnergie, users reduce power consumption & alarm reports and enhance energy usage efficiency.

The Smart Production Line demonstrates the full-automatic process of feeding, pick-and-place, sorting and distribution prior to production. The Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) first deliver materials to the feeding site, then Delta’s SCARA Robot DRS series randomly moves a PCB to the conveyor. The Machine Vision System DMV2000 Series detects the types of PCB boards on the conveyor, and a Delta Articulated Robot DRV Series picks, places and sorts the PCB boards to the right feed disk. The AGVs in the final step distribute PCB boards to different production lines for further production. This demonstration significantly achieves labor-efficiency of feeding and sorting.

Keychain Making Machine:Delta’s highly precise and efficient automated products make the feeding and pressing process of keychain production easier. The PC-Based Panel Motion Controller MP1 Series uses PC control, and connects Delta’s AC Servo Drive & Motor ASDA-A3 Series via DMCNET fieldbus to drive the X, Y, and Z-axis screws and linear motor in the conveyor.

The working principle of the automated machine: The built-in 24-bit absolute encoder with 3.1kH bandwidth of ASDA-A3 easily matches with the MP1 to achieve advanced motion control of each axis; moreover, it drives the linear motor to deliver the Delta logo, film and iron sheet in the feeding pan to the machine, and controls X, Y, and Z-axis screws in rectangular coordinates to attach the materials with the suction function. The materials are sent to two making machines for pressing, and then the suction function works again to return the materials as finished keychain products.

Thailand is an automobile production site in Asia that is referred to as “The Detroit of Asia”. The manufacturing industries related to automobiles are relatively mature, including metal processing, plastics, polymeric substances, electric components, packaging, constructional materials and logistics. It has become Southeast Asia’s financial, industrial and economic center with its excellent geographical location. In view of its important market status, Delta continues to promote industrial automation in Thailand. Delta offers its high-efficiency and high-precision series of Smart Manufacturing Solutions to improve the production and manufacturing of Thai industries.
Delta took part in the “Assembly and Automation Technology 2019” show in Thailand from June 19th to 22nd.
Delta develops system software including DIAMES, DIASVP, and DIAEnergie for plant management in different industries.
Delta’s Smart Production Line Demo uses the Machine Vision System DMV2000 Series and SCARA Robot DRS series to achieve automatic feeding, pick-and-place, sorting, and distribution prior to manufacture.
The keychain making machine integrates Delta’s motion control products to perform precise processing.
News Source: IABG Marcom
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