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Press Releases
  Delta Showcases Integrated Industrial Automation Solutions at Metalloobrabotka 2019
Delta recently participated in the Metalloobrabotka 2019 show in Moscow, Russia. At the event, Delta displayed various industrial automation products and solutions. Highlights included the Delta Machine Vision System DMV2000 Series and the Surface Milling Machine Solution, attracting the attention of many visitors.

Metalloobrabotka is the most important metalworking exhibition in Russia, and it is also one of the top ten machine trade shows around the world. It has received great support from the Russian government since its debut in 2006. Local and international professionals and media pay close attention to the event. This year, the theme covers metalworking machine tools, raw materials and components, CAE/CAD/CAM system and software, 3D metal printers, and related machinery field. The grand event gathered 1,103 exhibitors from around the world with more than 32,400 visitors this year.

During the 4-day exhibition, Delta presented a variety of industrial automation products and solutions that meet local metalworking market demands, including:

• Delta Machine Vision System DMV2000 Series: The DMV2000 Series is able to connect 2 to 4 cameras at the same time for multiple visual inspection tasks. It enhances efficiency and saves development costs. The agile and user-friendly settings allow users to self-define the display and interface under operation mode. The built-in multi-functional vision development modules save on development and setting time for complicated programs. In addition, the built-in PLC communication function of the DMV2000 Series enables automated data exchange. It supports Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-485 communication protocols to connect peripheral devices quickly. The auto calibration and distortion compensation functions achieve the efficient machine vision solution.

• Surface Milling Machine Solution: The surface milling machine is widely used for hard materials grinding and processing tasks, such as components and punch milling, precision machines, mold processing, piercing, cutting, and grooving complex parts. Based on Russia’s local safety regulations for machine making, Delta is cooperating with a Russian machine maker to adopt the Delta CNC Controller NC300 Series and AC Servo Drive and Motor ASDA-A2 Series as the controller and servo system. With a built-in 32-byte high-speed dual CPU, the Delta CNC Controller NC300 Series is capable of connecting I/O modules for agile deployment and expansion based on required terminal points. The NCS300 Series is able to execute multiple tasks at the same time for efficient operation. The user-friendly human machine interface and CNC Soft tools provide users easy operation and setting. The NC300 integrates the AC Servo Drive and Motor ASDA-A2 Series with the high speed Delta Industrial PC-Based Motion Control Solution DMCNET. The auto-detection, high-frequency vibration suppression, and high-speed response time of the ASDA-A2 Series fulfill high-speed and precise applications.

Russia plays a significant role in the global manufacturing industry. It boasts a massive territory, as well as abundant mineral, oil, and natural gas resources. Metallurgy, die casting, metalworking, machinery, iron and steel, energy and related heavy industries are the backbones of Russia’s industry. There are more than 700 metalworking and machinery providers in St. Petersburg, and the metalworking machine manufacturing industry occupies quite a large part of GDP. Delta presented its best industrial automation solutions and products at the event, as it continues to develop the Russian market, establish its brand, and provide “Automation for a Changing World.”
Delta participated in Metalloobrabotka 2019 in Moscow, Russia from May 27th to 30th.
The Surface Milling Machine Solution integrates the Delta CNC Controller NC300 Series and AC Servo Drive and Motor ASDA-A2 Series for high-speed and precision milling applications.
Delta team introduces the operation and application of the Delta CNC Controller NC300 Series.
News Source: IABG Marcom
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