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Press Releases
  Delta’s Innovative Industrial Automation Products and Smart, Green Management Solutions Showcased at GreenTech 2019 in Amsterdam
Delta participated in GreenTech 2019 from June 11th ~ 13th in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and showcased its innovative industrial automation products and smart monitoring solution for horticulture equipment and greenhouses. The highlights at Delta’s booth included: EtherNet/IP Solution which adopts the DIAView SCADA system for equipment monitoring in greenhouses, and the Fan/Pump Vector Control Drive CP2000 Series for water pump control in irrigation systems. Many visitors to the booth were impressed by Delta’s creative and highly efficient solutions.

The GreenTech exhibition is considered in the forefront of the horticulture industry and is held annually in the Netherlands. This year, GreenTech’s theme was “Energy. Water. Crops. People.” and covered biotechnology, heavy machinery, automation technology, green city, vertical agriculture, greenhouse LEDs, and many other display areas. Innovative trend theaters, conferences and meetings regarding future horticulture technologies and patterns were also organized for participants during the 3-day event.

During the event, Delta focused on elevating the automation of the horticulture industry. Products on display included automation products for automated horticulture equipment (such as an irrigation pumping system), as well as temperature and lighting management for greenhouse and gardening environments.

• EtherNet/IP Solution: Considering the undersupply of crops from traditional agriculture due to population growth and climate change, a boom in the development of greenhouse and indoor farming has taken place in recent years due to its stable output and freedom from the impact of the external environment.

Delta’s EtherNet/IP Solution takes advantage of its fast data transmission via Ethernet to equipment that controls lighting, humidity, and CO2 density in greenhouses or indoor farming. This solution also adopts Delta’s DIAView SCADA System to help farmers remotely control and monitor equipment operation and environment status in real-time. When equipment anomalies or abnormal indoor temperatures/humidity is detected, the DIAView automatically sends out alarms for immediate troubleshooting. It is a perfect solution for increasing the productivity, quality and management efficiency of indoor farming.

• Water Pump Drive and Control Solution: Water is one of the four crucial elements —water, air, sunshine, and soil—for agriculture, so an irrigation system is very important for farming. Delta’s Fan/Pump Vector Control Drive CP2000 Series is the perfect solution for water pump control in an irrigation system. It features multi-pumps synchronous control, fixed amount / fixed time circulation control, PID control, and sleep/ wake up modes. The built-in PID control mode is able to control and adjust the variable frequency of four pumps simultaneously. When triggered, the water pumps operate in sequence according to the pump load requirement via RS485 protocols. On the other hand, the sleep mode is activated at low pump loads.

If the primary pumping station trips or shuts down due to overloads or other causes, the secondary pump station will take its place and maintain a stable pumping system operation. The system also balances the operation time of each pumping station to even the pump load and prolong the life of irrigation equipment.

Delta’s offering of advanced automation products solutions at GreenTech 2019 enhances competitiveness for customers in the horticulture and farming industry, bringing new business opportunities with our “Automation for a Changing World”.
Delta at GreenTech 2019 from June 11th ~ 13th in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Delta’s Fan/Pump Vector Control Drive CP2000 Series enhances water pump efficiency for irrigation systems, and attracts the attention of many visitors during GreenTech 2019.
News Source: IABG Marcom
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