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  Smart Lighting Maximizes Management Efficiency in Diverse Venue Applications
Bluetooth Mesh network provides fast, reliable and intelligent connected lighting. It works and interacts with smart phones or information systems such as purchasing, sales and inventory management systems, material management systems, medical information systems, hospital service queuing systems, and others. Bluetooth Mesh automatically identifies the shortest route based on the network deployment layout at the site and transmits all the big data relevant locally. Not only does it meet the needs of lighting applications in smart buildings, but it also provides intelligent controls in a diverse range of applications such as:

• Building automation applications: A Bluetooth Mesh network provides a secure and reliable networking foundation for multiple devices ranging from lighting controls, full heat exchangers, to fan controls. For example, when the access control system senses that an employee enters the office building, through Bluetooth Mesh it can automatically turn on the grouped lighting in the office area where the employee is located and simultaneously activate the full heat exchanger. When the luminaires detect that a certain number of users have left their seats, the ventilating function automatically switches on and then stops after a while.
• Sensor application network: Through the Bluetooth Mesh networking protocol, the Mesh networking coupled with sensors can practice dynamic deployment in line with the different requirements of industrial automation and building automation. In addition, wireless transmission technology can reduce construction costs.
• Asset Tracking: Devices in the Bluetooth Mesh Profile have a unique Unicast Address. By installing the iBeacon devices compliant with Apple iBeacon and Google Beacon Protocol on asset devices, through the Bluetooth Mesh Profile luminaires, users can track assets’ location and identification information by means of Unicast Address and Beason data collection.

Bluetooth technology-based intelligent lighting solutions can be applied in different fields to better ensure the safety of the venues, optimize business activities, and maximize the operation and management efficiency of medical care service.

Retail Stores
• Utilizing integrated functions of big data collection and information system analysis, retailers can collect the routing information of shopping carts, understand customers' shopping patterns and preference configurations, and optimize product placement, routing planning, and promotion activities in the best interest of customers.
• Bluetooth location technology directs shoppers to the items they are looking for, improving their shopping experience.
• Bluetooth technology enables retailers to provide in-store navigation and customized promotions. For example, broadcasting signals of iBeacon packets— an Apple-proposed signal transmission protocol used for indoor positioning—from APPs on the shopper's handheld device to neighboring luminaires, the retailer can locate the shopper and thus deliver promotional messages about goods nearby.

• Bluetooth technology-enabled intelligent lighting control provides lighting source planning for different areas. For example, it can customize lighting control in separate care areas for the elderly and children.
• Applying data collection technology to personnel management helps hospitals quickly locate relevant medical personnel and equipment and move equipment to the ward in need, saving human and time resources required in the process. The practice effectively manages assets and equipment and meets a variety of medical needs expeditiously.
• Push messages can instantly alert patients to medical appointment information and provide thoughtful medical services.

Factories and Warehouses
• Bluetooth Mesh Sensor Model can monitor the temperature and humidity of the production line. Once an anomaly is detected, an event is sent immediately to troubleshoot.
• The luminaire network supported by the existing Bluetooth technology can quickly locate goods amidst the vastness of the warehouse and save time in fetching them.
• Bluetooth Mesh helps collect sensory data in the factory and transmit it to the management system where documentation is filed for data management.
• When the access control system detects an anomaly, it will send an alarm for the administrator to instantly handle it accordingly.

Office Buildings
• Intelligent lighting solutions provide customized office spaces, such as managing meeting rooms, sending reminders on availability and personalizing office spaces, in conjunction with existing iBeacon employee cards or related accessories.
• Intelligent lighting solutions can program different lighting scene settings based on scenarios from conference mode, presentation mode, to sleep mode, to provide flexible and energy-saving space options without the hassle of modifying original physical lighting fixtures.
• The Bluetooth Mesh technology makes possible personnel presence sensing and group lighting control. When no occupancy is detected, lights are automatically turned off to save energy.
• The Bluetooth Mesh receiver can assist the client in energy management by collecting energy consumption data according to schedule.

Exhibition Venues and Museums
• Provides customized lighting environment options for different exhibition venues and requirements for displays or performance.
• Delivers and promotes exhibition-related information, such as the introduction of items on display and audio guide, to improve customer satisfaction.

Addressing the needs of the venues stated above, Delta's intelligent networking solutions provide mobile APPs as well as an SDK featuring information integration and development. Together, they serve to integrate such information systems within the venues such as air conditioning, access control, electric curtains, surveillance systems, internal management systems, and energy management and control to achieve effective automated environment control for better, humanized space arrangements.

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