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  Delta Luminaires Shine Over the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall
Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center’s Hall 1 is Taiwan’s largest international indoor exhibition venue. Illuminated with luminaire lighting, the exhibition hall commands a massive area of 46,000 square meters, which is about the size of seven football fields. Granted a Green Building Label after fulfilling requirements for a green exhibition hall, the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center phased out metal halide High Bay luminaires on its first and fourth floors in 2018 and 2019 to make way for a total of 560 LED High Bay luminaires.

Delta’s 260-watt LED High Bay luminaires were installed in place of the 560 1000-watt metal halide High Bay luminaires. Replacing such a large number of High Bay luminaires in the biggest international exhibition hall in Taiwan was a rare case.

The difference between the two types of luminaires based on 2,300 hours of lighting per year is a savings of 791,025 kWh of electricity each year, which accounts for 70.70% of the venue’s electricity bill. After actual testing on site, the exhibition hall’s illumination had increased by an average of 82.82%. This demonstrated that the replacement was much more environmentally-friendly and energy efficient.

Among all instances of installing High Bay luminaires in Taiwan this year, the installation at Hall 1 involved the highest installation clearance—10 meters high on the first floor and 20 meters high on the fourth floor. It was also the greatest number of lighting fixtures installed. Jerry Tsai, the business manager responsible for the landmark project at Hall 1, stated they were very cautious in assessing the make-over.

Apart from Delta, they also invited two other manufacturers to carry out on-site testing. After the field installation comparison, Delta stood out among the three manufacturers for its excellent luminous efficiency and output. Delta’s product not only has a wide range of lumen output (13000lm~41000lm), but it also supports global voltages (120~277Vac & 347~480Vac). Its unique optical design optimizes LED array utilization, while its heat dissipation design for the one-piece high thermal conductivity aluminum performs best with power supply. The two designs provide the High Bay luminaires with excellent efficiency at 160 lm/w, outstanding energy savings, and lighting uniformity. Delta’s luminaires can be applied in harsh industrial environments and with diverse lighting field applications.

To know more about Delta LED High Bay luminaires, please click here.
Delta’s High Bay luminaires provide the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center's Hall 1 excellent illumination and outstanding energy efficiency.
News Source: Delta Building Automation
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