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Press Releases
  Delta Announces Full-Fledged Entry into Japan's Industrial Robotics Market at Techno-Frontier 2019
Delta exhibited at the TECHNO-FRONTIER 2019 from April 17 to 19, offering concrete solutions for smart manufacturing that have been deployed worldwide. In addition to the SCARA robots announced last year, Delta launched the entry of its DRV Series, a highly versatile 6-axis articulated robot, into the Japanese market. Delta also showcased automated solutions for building internationally competitive production lines with multifunctional, high-performance, as well as technologies and experience to solve a broad range of manufacturing industry issues.

Delta Japan’s executive director Mr. C.H. Ko pointed out that there are an increasing number of companies considering introducing industrial robots to eliminate labor shortages and improve production efficiency. However, in some cases it is not possible to understand how well industrial robots are suited to a company. For Japanese companies considering introducing advanced articulated robots, Delta Electronics proposes a minimum solution that can solve problems for manufacturers based on technologies and products related to factory automation (FA), from PLCs, inverters, and servos, to articulated robots.

Highlights of Delta’s exhibition at TECHNO-FRONTIER 2019 include:

• Articulated Robot DRV Series: Focusing on use in production lines, the DRV Series 6-axis articulated robot handles up to 7 kg of work and optimizes production lines for small and complex products such as in-vehicle electrical equipment and electronic equipment. The series provide functions such as soldering, inserting parts, assembling, adhesive coating, palletizing, inspection, packaging, unloading, replenishing materials, and more, for an extremely wide range of applications. The design is slim and compact with a maximum width of 235 mm and a footprint of 190 mm x 190 mm.

• Safety Robot Demonstration: Using video data from cameras to control robots in stages in certain areas. At the exhibition, Delta demonstrated how to control the operating speeds of the SCARA robot in three stages.

In addition to FA-related equipment, Delta also exhibited a programmable AC power supply and DC stabilized power supply for the first time, including standard power supplies, which are adopted by many Japanese companies. Delta’s broad lineup of power supplies, which included power supplies for medical devices and LED power supplies, as well as other focused displays at the booth, attracted the attention of many visitors.
Delta exhibited at the TECHNO-FRONTIER 2019 in Japan, offering concrete solutions for smart manufacturing that have been deployed worldwide.
Delta Chief Brand Officer Ms. Shan-Shan Guo presented the latest developments of Delta Group at the press conference.
Delta Japan branch executive director Mr. C.H. Ko introduced Delta’s major products and solutions for the Japan market.
Delta launched a full-scale entry of the DRV Series 6-axis articulated robot into the Japanese market in response to the issues of labor shortages and production efficiency in the manufacturing industry.
Delta Japan branch marketing manager Mr. Tomohide Sakaguchi introduced highlights of Delta’s exhibition at Techno-Frontier.
The safety robot demonstration showcased the capabilities for controlling the movement speed of the SCARA robot to ensure the safety of surrounding personnel.
Visitors were highly interested in the advanced servo drive functions of Delta’s ASDA-A3 Series.
News Source: IABG Marcom
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