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  Event Review: Delta Enhances Ride Quality and Energy Efficiency at the "International Lift Fair 2019"
Delta recently participated in the International Lift Fair (Lift) 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey from March 21st to 24th. To meet the demands of the modern elevator market, Delta has integrated Industrial Automation (IA) products within elevator modules that combine both Elevator and Door Control Drives. Using sequential logic, precise control and drive performance, Delta’s elevator system greatly improves the ride experience. A number of Delta automation products on display that integrate into elevator solutions, such as programmable logic controllers and industrial power supplies, also caught the attention of visitors from around the world.

The International Lift Fair displayed the most innovative technologies and applications for maintaining optimal and safe operating conditions for all types of lifts. The exhibition included drive systems, control systems and hardware accessories for elevators, escalators, vehicles and other lift types. The exhibition attracted more than 300 exhibitors and 28,629 visitors from around the world during its four-day duration.

To meet market demands, Delta introduced energy-efficient and environmentally friendly elevator systems, highlighting the following automation products:

• Elevator Drive VFD-ED Series: Developed through years of elevator control experience, this series features advanced functions and higher performance for elevator control, and is UL/CE certified ensuring the best operation reliability. Designed according to high safety and durability standards, it provides versatile and flexible control functions for an especially smooth ride experience and easy operation. Delta's ED series delivers optimal operation efficiency for both passenger and cargo elevators.

• Door Control Drive VFD-DD Series: This series features various built-in door control functions with door width parameters that can be automatically filled in after measurement. The smooth motion track and force control not only responds quickly, but also reduces vibration caused by the door. The VFD-DD series has an anti-pinch protection function, so even if the grating and safety touch panel are both out of order the controller will reopen the doors on its own. The compact structure design significantly reduces the VFD-DD series’ drive size for a highly precise and efficient drive.

• Power Regenerative Unit REG2000 Series: This series provides an energy conversion function that converts energy generated by elevators and cranes into reusable energy. It can replace the traditional brake resistor, greatly improving energy savings and restoring energy efficiency up to 95% without requiring additional cooling units. In addition, the braking capability of the REG2000 Series is superior to that of traditional brake units. Combined with a compact design that saves 50% of the space normally required, the REG2000 Series provides a highly efficient, space saving and green drive.

With robust R&D capabilities and experience in both industrial automation and manufacturing applications, Delta provides efficient, energy-saving and highly integrated elevator systems as seen by many professionals and customers at the International Lift Fair 2019.
Delta participated in the International Lift Fair 2019 from March 21-24. Delta’s elevator systems and products provide high-efficiency and energy-saving automation solutions.
Delta presented an outstanding lineup of efficient and energy-saving solutions for elevator systems at the event, such as the Elevator Drive VFD-ED Series, Door Control Drive VFD-DD Series and Power Regenerative Unit REG2000 Series.
News Source: IABG Marcom
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