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Press Releases
  Visit Delta to See Digitalization, Visualization and Integration for Smarter Manufacturing at Hannover Messe 2019
Delta unveiled its broad portfolio of energy-efficient solutions under the newly-launched brand campaign “IoT-based Smart Green Solutions to Nurture Energy Efficiency in Cities” at Hannover Messe 2019 (April 1st ~ 5th), with a focus on Smart Manufacturing, Smart Buildings and Smart Energy Infrastructure.

A key show highlight from Delta’s Smart Manufacturing offerings included the Digital Factory Monitoring Solution, a next-generation platform displayed on an impressive 220-inch video wall that enabled the digitalized monitoring and control of machinery, operations and energy consumption at manufacturing facilities. The showcase also underscored Delta’s unique capabilities in integrating renewable energy and energy storage systems to enable microgrid-supported EV charging infrastructure.

Delta Press Conference Unveils New Brand Campaign “IoT-based Smart Green Solutions to Nurture Energy Efficiency in Cities”
On April 2nd, the second day of the exhibition, Delta held a press conference to announce to the international media our unique capabilities in deploying these solutions for the development of sustainable cities. Delta’s Chief Brand Officer Ms. Shan-Shan Guo, Spokesperson Mr. Jesse Chou, President for the EMEA region Mr. Dalip Sharma, EMEA Industrial Automation BG Senior Director of Business Development & Product Management Mr. Patrik Hug and other business managers in the EMEA region shared innovative solutions with the media at the 2019 Hannover Messe press conference.

Ms. Shan-Shan Guo Delta’s chief brand officer, said, “In line with our corporate mission ‘To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow’, Delta is committed to the development of sustainable cities by deploying our IoT-based Smart Green Solutions. At the show, we conceptualized our exhibition and produced a feature film under the theme “IoT-based Smart Green Solutions to Nurture Energy Efficiency in Cities” to demonstrate how we achieve smart cities by integrating Delta’s solutions. Our core competence in power electronics and our evolving focus from product-level energy efficiency to nanogrid-level energy management allow us to offer solutions that nurture energy resilience in cities, such as energy-saving smart building automation as well as microgrid-supported EV charging infrastructure. Our new brand campaign is designed to let all our stakeholders understand the nature of these endeavors”.

Mr. Dalip Sharma, Delta’s EMEA region president stated, “By specializing in energy efficient management, Delta is enabling IoT-based solutions for smart buildings, and smart manufacturing, as well as green ICT and energy infrastructure, which are the foundations of sustainable cities. This is how we have integrated our EV charging solutions and energy storage systems to facilitate energy-resilient e-mobility in key venues, such as the Avion Shopping Mall in Bratislava, Slovakia. Hannover Messe represents an ideal opportunity to both display our offerings for smart cities and to meet the people and authorities responsible for creating them.”

Digitalization, Visualization, Integration for Smart Manufacturing and Digital Factory
Echoing the theme of “IoT-based Smart Green Solutions”, Delta’s solutions for Smart Manufacturing and Digital Factory mainly included IIoT technology, data collection and monitoring platforms for equipment, production, and energy. Highlights of the content presented included:

• DIAMMP Manufacturing Management Platform for real-time data collection, analysis and visual monitoring of factory production lines and production equipment. The DIAMMP is capable of collecting equipment operation, production information (productivity, FYP, utilization rate, and more), and alarms for analysis and digitalized display, so as to achieve real-time monitoring and high management efficiency.

• DIAView SCADA System for facility management in factories such as HVAC, water treatment and elevators. The graphical display of the DIAView on real-time equipment operation and analytics makes remote-monitoring easier for factory management personnel.

• DIAEnergie Energie Management System is the most suitable tool for energy monitoring and management of all equipment and facilities in factories. With power consumption data collected by power meters, the DIAEnergie assists managers in monitoring and analyzing real-time and accumulated power consumption data to help users make highly efficient energy usage strategies.

All of the information was showcased with easy-to-read analytics on a huge digital monitoring wall, which brought visitors to a factory of the future that featured automation and digitalization for smart manufacturing. By utilizing Delta’s smart manufacturing solutions at Delta’s own production lines, we are targeting an improvement in production capacity by approximately 70%, a reduction in production area by 35%, and at least a threefold increase in direct labor per-worker average productivity.

Smart, Integrated Solutions for High-end Machinery and Efficient Machine Building
Delta’s solutions for smart machine building were also major attractions at the booth this year. For high-end motion control systems, Delta showcased its brand new CODESYS-based Motion Control Solution and the upcoming PLC-based Extended Motion Controller DXMC series (both standard type and panel type) at this year’s event. Just like the earlier version PC-based Motion Controller AX864E series, the DXMC enables synchronous multi-axis motion control with an optional CODESYS SoftPLC: up to 32 axes with standard type / up to 8 axes with 7 inches / 10 inches panel types.

During the exhibition, Delta combined the CODESYS-based Motion Control Solution and Delta’s SCARA robot to present a user-friendly programming interface and high performance motion control capabilities. The EMEA Industrial Automation BG Senior Director of Business Development & Product Management Mr. Patrik Hug introduced this solution at Delta’s press conference to journalists from many countries and made it a focus at Delta’s booth.

Delta also presented a convenient and time-saving engineering platform for machine makers. The newly launched DIAStudio integrated engineering software is an all-in-one system designed to simplify and reduce the time required for the setup process in machinery systems. Tasks such as product selection of Delta’s HMIs, PLCs, servo drives and motors, AC motor drives, as well as PLC programming, quantitative parameter setting, machine tuning and HMI integration can all be executed smoothly with DIAStudio’s key tools:

• DIASelector: A PC and APP-based (Android) mechanism selects specific elements in the machine system.

• DIADesigner: After users have exported the model selection information out from the DIASelector, they can import the configured data to the DIADesigner to execute programming, parameter settings, tuning and management.

• DIAScreen: A tool to achieve tag sharing between PLCs and HMIs/text panels.

Advanced Automation Products for Higher Performance of High-end Machines
Other highlights from Delta’s Industrial Automation Solutions presented at Hannover Messe 2019 included:

• The Vector Control Drive C2000 Plus series is a heavy-duty drive based on the architecture of the highly successful drive C2000 series. With 460V models reaching up to 560kW rated power overload capacity, it offers the best possible stability and performance of speed and position control for both sensor and sensorless types of synchronous and asynchronous motors, which are commonly used in heavy-duty and constant torque applications in the fields of food and beverages, metals, chemicals, plastics, and rubber. The C2000 Plus supports a wide range of protocols and built-in PLC functions for up to 10k steps.

• Delta’s new Multi-Loop Temperature Controller DTM series is designed to provide highly accurate temperature-based control in advanced and complex applications. Its modular and scalable design includes the host, up to 7 temperature modules, and up to 8 I/O extensions, and is capable of supporting up to 64 points of temperature control. By functioning with widely used protocols such as RS-485 and Ethernet, it can offer temperature control for more than 1,000 points. The DTM series also boasts complete isolation between channels to facilitate fast and stable information transmission, which are critical requirements for glass bending, plastic molding and ceramic plating machines.

• The newly-launched Multi-Axis Motion Controller DVP50MC series supports the CANopen communication protocol and EtherCAT motion control protocol to control a maximum of 24 axes. The DVP50MC not only offers simple single motion control instructions such as speed, torque, homing and position, but also provides multi-axis motion control instruction for electronic gear, electronic cam, rotatory cut as well as G-code. This innovative motion controller has built-in Ethernet and Profibus network interfaces to reduce additional connectivity costs and to allow for a broader application spectrum, including machine tools, beverage injecting machines, printing machines, and electronics manufacturing.

Nearly a thousand guests visited Delta’s booth during the 5-day event, and many were impressed by Delta’s exhibits and new booth design, contributing to the great success of this year’s exhibition.
Delta participated in Hannover Messe 2019 from April 1st ~ 5th.
Delta’s solutions for Digitalization, Visualization, and Integration of Smart Manufacturing and Digital Factory included advanced automation products, IIoT technology, data collection and monitoring platforms for equipment, production, and energy.
Delta Industrial Automation BG Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Chientan Lien, introduced DIAStudio integrated engineering software to the media.
EMEA Industrial Automation BG Senior Director of Business Development & Product Management Mr. Patrik Hug introduced the CODESYS-based Motion Control Solution at Delta’s press conference to journalists from many countries.
Delta held a press conference on April 2nd and shared the deployment of solutions for sustainable cities to nearly 30 international media.
Delta’s Chief Brand Officer Ms. Shan-Shan Guo ( 3rd from the left), Spokesperson Mr. Jesse Chou (2nd from the right), President for the EMEA region Mr. Dalip Sharma (3rd from the right) and business managers from the EMEA shared innovative solutions with the media at the 2019 Hannover Messe press conference.
Delta’s Chief Brand Officer Ms. Shan-Shan Guo unveiled the new brand campaign “IoT-based Smart Green Solutions to Nurture Energy Efficiency in Cities” at the press conference.
Visitors showed great interest in Delta’s new automation products.
Delta’s new vector control drive C2000 Plus series
Delta’s latest Multi-Axis Motion Controller DVP50MC Series and application architecture
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