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  Delta LED Fishing Lights Create a Bright Future for Distant Fishing
With the core competences of power supply, lighting, and fans, Delta recently developed the high-efficiency fishing light with the advantages of power saving, safety, and reducing the loads on generators, noise, the space of the fuel tank and generator, which increases cabin space to improve the working environment. At the same time, reducing fuel consumption decreases the environmental burden and dramatically cuts down on CO2 emissions.

According to the Taiwan Fisheries Administration, Taiwan has among the highest catches of saury and squid in the world. For capturing saury each fishing boat is equipped with 60-80 rods of fishing lights (24 to 32 incandescent lamps per rod, 500 watts per bulb). For squid a fishing boat needs 200 to 300 rods of metal halide lamps with 2,000 watts or 4,000 watts bulbs installed. The cost of power generation accounts for nearly 30% to 50% of the total fuel costs for a whole ship. This converts to millions of dollars of fuel consumption each time a ship goes out to sea. (see Diagram 1)

Fishermen believe that the number of fishing lights installed is positively correlated with catch quantity. Fishing boats often purchase expensive high-watt fishing lights to achieve higher catches. This results in a year by year increase in electrical wattage used by fishing lights.

Compared with the traditional fishing lights, high-wattage LED fishing lights are being developed that not only have the same brightness as traditional fishing lights but also consume 25%~50% of the electricity and fuel. It also can substantially reduce ultraviolet rays and adjust different wavelengths of light color to white light, red light, or blue light to attract different fish species. Fishing can also take into account the health of the hard-working fishermen. Because of its long life, low power consumption, and heat dissipation characteristics by utilizing structure, LED fishing light has greatly reduced the temperature of the lamps and the electric loads. In addition, after a traditional fishing light is turned off, it needs another 15 to 20 minutes to light up again. LED fishing lamps can be controlled by the captain and switched on or off instantaneously per the change of fish stocks, which increases the efficiency and profits of fishing operations.

LED fishing lights is an excellent example showing that combination of industry and fishery creates new business opportunities. We will continue to develop this niche lighting market and keep improving a sustainable the sustainability of the fishing environment.
The traditional fishing lights account for major fuel costs.
News Source: Delta Building Automation
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