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Press Releases
  Welcoming New Smart IoT Opportunities: Delta IABG Signs 2019 Cooperation Contracts with Taiwanese Distributors
Delta’s Industrial Automation Business Group (IABG) has just signed 2019 Cooperation Contracts with three Taiwanese distributors: ACE Pillar Co., Ltd. (ACE Pillar), USE Electronics Co., Ltd. (USE Electronics), and Jidien Co., Ltd. (Jidien) at the end of December, 2018. At the contract signing ceremony, IABG reviewed overall sales performance over the past year, and wished the partners success in the upcoming year. ACE Pillar’s President John C.C. Lin, Use Electronics’ President Junko Kato, and Jidien’s Vice President Mr. Xing-long Huang participated in the ceremony and signed the contracts with IABG General Manager Andy Liu for cooperation in 2019

IABG General Manager Mr. Andy Liu thanked the efforts of all distributor partners in 2018. He pointed out that the international industrial automation industry continues to upgrade, and that Delta is dedicated to elevating its capabilities in self-developed software and hardware to be a strong contender in the market and to stay on top of the trends of Industry 4.0. Mr. Liu said, ”In this smart manufacturing age, downsizing the direct labor used on a production line is a definite trend. This trend is attracting more talent and investment in advancing the manufacturing industry. Delta has been focused on energy saving IA products and solutions for a wide range of industry applications. In addition, Delta offers complete solutions and equipment such as an IoT management system integrated for smart manufacturing and smart factory. However, to face the changing market over the coming year, we expect our partners to work together, develop new opportunities, and cultivate related professionals for smart manufacturing.”

The Manager of the IABG Sales Department Lisa Shu shared the annual sales performance, and future plans for new product launches and industry-specific applications. She indicated that the IABG will also continue to promote its products to the international markets, and will strengthen its businesses in motion control products, motor drives, sensors, controllers and industrial switches. Mandy Huang, the Sales Executive for the Smart Manufacturing Solutions Business Department, also introduced Delta’s offerings in equipment data collection, management and monitoring. Integration software products include a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and Equipment IoT Platform and Energy Management System (IEMS). Delta’s MES solution provides detailed analysis of raw material logistics and equipment IoT management as an excellent base for smart manufacturing.

The representatives of ACE Pillar, USE Electronics and Jidien committed to supporting Delta to promote smart factory solutions and welcome new opportunities for smart manufacturing. The management teams of the IABG also shared their feedback and comments with the distributor partners at the event.

At the end of the ceremony, all participants raised their glasses to their efforts of last year, and to their hopes for success in 2019. The participants celebrated with a dinner party that brought the annual ceremony to a perfect end.
IABG’s General Manager Andy Liu gave the opening speech at the ceremony
Contract signing representatives at the ceremony included: Use Electronics’ President Junko Kato, Delta IABG’s General Manager Andy Liu, ACE Pillar’s President John C.C. Lin, and Jidien’s Vice President Mr. Xing-long Huang (left to right)
Representatives sign the contracts
IABG’s General Manager Andy Liu (left) issued the 2019 Taiwan distributor certificate to ACE Pillar’s President John C.C. Lin (right)
IABG’s General Manager Andy Liu (right) issued the 2019 Taiwan distributor certificate to Use Electronics’ President Junko Kato (left)
IABG’s General Manager Andy Liu (left) issued the 2019 Taiwan distributor certificate to Jidien’s Vice President Mr. Xing-long Huang (right)
The contract signing representatives raised their glasses to celebrate the completion of the ceremony and a successful year ahead
All participants at the contract signing ceremony
News Source: IABG Marcom
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