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  Delta Hybrid Energy Saving System for Hydraulic Presses Enhances Load and Flow Accuracy for Greater Productivity
Hydraulic presses are widely applied in a variety of processes in different industries. Commonly matched with various molds and mechanisms for processing, hydraulic presses are used for products that require uniform pressing, such as electric vehicle charging spots, vehicle body structures, and chamfered pressed metal parts. Conventional hydraulic systems use induction motors to provide fixed-flow as the resource to press. The process consumes a lot of energy, and the overall efficiency is low since it requires additional valve equipment to control the liquid flow for an even pressing load. Delta’s Hybrid Energy Saving System can be applied in a customized hydraulic press to precisely control flow and load and enhance pressing quality. It also eliminates energy waste during pressing to save energy and improve efficiency, providing excellent pressed products for various industries.

Delta recently provided an efficient and precise hydraulic press solution for a press machine maker in Taiwan. The solution adopts Delta’s PC-Based Host Motion Controller MH1 Series to command motion, load and flow. The Delta AC Servo Drive & Motor ASDA-A2 Series controls the motion of the press base in different pressing processes. When pressing starts, Delta’s Hybrid Energy Saving System HES Series provides a fast and stable supply of oil to the hydraulic cylinder to generate constant speed and load for pushing piston rods. The system returns to idle mode when the process finishes. If the system demand exceeds flow and load, the controller quickly switches the valve equipment on for a more precise pressing process that consumes less energy.

The Hybrid Energy Saving System aligns with Delta’s brand message of “Smarter, Greener, Together”. The Delta Industrial PC-Based Motion Control Solution DMCNET in the system renews commands quickly and connects multiple extension modules and servos at the same time. Integrating modular programs and IA products, the automated hydraulic press significantly enhances production quality and efficiency, offering customers the best control system.

In actual application Delta’s hydraulic press solution provides the following benefits to our customers:

• Hybrid energy enhances production efficiency:
The Hybrid Energy Saving System HES Series can be flexibly matched with an energy-saving servo system. It supports main and secondary pump settings to precisely control the load and flow of each process. The HES eliminates energy loss from high-pressure throttling to save electricity bills, improve accuracy, and enhance production efficiency.

• Modular design simplifies the system structure:
The modular solution caters to different industry applications. It simplifies the tending time of the PID controller and achieves quick response to load. The modular design also saves on the system costs of purchasing other valve equipment.

• Highly efficient and stable solution:
Delta’s specialized hydraulic press solution adopts the PC-Based Host Motion Controller MH1 Series and Delta AC Servo Drive & Motor ASDA-A2 Series for reliable motion control. The solution accelerates processing stability, reduces manual labor, and simplifies operation for high quality industry applications.

With automated products, Delta’s hydraulic press solution upgrades the conventional pressing process with more efficient production equipment. The solution enhances control of load flow, improves the precision of final products and productivity, and lowers energy loss from high-pressure throttling to ensure the best and most flexible manufacturing for our customers.
Delta’s automated hydraulic press solution provides more efficient production equipment for a customer in Taiwan.
The PC-Based Host Motion Controller MH1 Series is equipped with multiple extension modules and communication interfaces that deliver excellent motion control for the automated hydraulic press.
Delta’s AC Servo Drive & Motor ASDA-A2 Series provides stable motion control and drive functions.
The Hybrid Energy Saving System HES Series saves energy for hydraulic devices.
News Source: IABG Marcom
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