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  Delta Showcases Advanced Automation Products, IIoT and Cloud Solutions for Smart Manufacturing at Matelec 2018
Delta has just displayed its wide range of advanced automation and energy-efficient solutions for next-generation smart factories and cities at Matelec 2018. Delta’s offering covered industrial automation, power electronics, UPS solutions, telecom power systems, electric vehicle (EV) charging, building automation, and LED lighting solutions. For industrial automation, Delta demonstrated groundbreaking solutions such as IIoT and cloud solutions, and its EtherCAT motion control solution featuring the AH10EMC motion controller and ASDA-A2-E servo system. This solution can be programmed with function blocks that comply with the PLC open Motion standard simplifying the implementation of complex functions and reducing engineering time for applications such as packaging machinery, electronics assembly, and more.

Delta’s display of advanced automation products for smart manufacturing included:
• Smart, Ethernet-based industrial cloud solutions: These include the DIACloud platform with centralized data management and secure and easy-to-use functionality. DIACloud is the cloud platform developed by Delta that supports all of Delta’s 3G Cloud Router DX Series cloud routers. It helps achieve remote monitoring and control through the Internet without the requirement for a static IP or setting up a private VPN server. Available for web browsers, iOS, and Android platforms, DIACloud simplifies the process of managing dynamic device infrastructures and makes it much easier to deploy devices and applications. The 3G Cloud Router DX Series supports a two-way data collection channel between the device and the cloud, and sets up a secure tunnel between the user and the remote device without additional VPN servers. In this solution, the DX series collects equipment operation data and uploads it to DIACloud for management and achieving IIoT in manufacturing.

• Motion Controllers: Delta highlighted the AH10EMC EtherCAT Motion Controller that supports both the EtherCAT protocol for motion control and the Ethernet standard for data transmission. It is the perfect option for PLC-based motion control architecture.

Delta also showcased its AH10EMC integrated motion and PLC control module for a AH500 rack based mid-range PLC platform, which provides complete control over the EtherCAT network as well as the Ethernet standard for data transmission. The AH10EMC can control machines with remote I/O, induction motor, spindle motor, and up to 32 axes of synchronized servo motors – all on one network, and all from Delta. In addition, the AH10EMC allows data transmission via Ethernet, providing a smarter and more flexible control solution.

• AC servo systems: Delta’s High-end Servo System ASDA-A3 Series features advanced servo drive functions, including a 3.1 kHz bandwidth, 24-bit absolute type encoder with high resolution, and a low frequency vibration suppression function for enhanced motion control performance. Another is the ASDA-A2-E Series, an advanced AC servo drive with an EtherCAT communication interface to enable real-time and accurate performance for high-end applications. In addition to the EtherCAT communication function, the ASDA-A2-E Series features the Safe Torque Off integrated, full-closed loop control, and vibration suppression, which makes the ASDA-A2-E ideal for a wide range of machinery applications.

• Human Machine Interface: Delta’s newly launched Widescreen Ethernet HMI DOP-100 Series supports Ethernet communication to integrate with smart machines, production lines, factories and cloud environments. The DOP-100 Series uses a Cortex A8 high-performance microprocessor and high-brightness, high-resolution LCD display, and supports remote monitoring via a number of different channels including FTP, email, and VNC.

Delta also displayed its high-power UPS system, telecom power solutions, IoT-based building management platform and electronic vehicle charging solutions, which created a clear blueprint for smarter, greener cities in the future.
Delta attended Matelec 2018 and presented a wide range of advanced automation and energy-efficient solutions for next-generation smart factories and cities.
Delta’s IIoT and cloud solutions, energy monitoring and management, and smart automation and manufacturing platform impressed visitors to the booth.
News Source: IABG Marcom
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