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  Delta Presents Advanced Automation Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry and for Logistics in China
In November, Delta presented its advanced smart automation products and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry at the “2018 China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition” and for logistics at CeMat Asia, the leading trade fair for intralogistics and supply chain management in China.

2018 China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition (11/5-7 in Wuhan, China)
Delta focused on pharmaceutical machinery at this exhibition and displayed high-end automation products and solutions for this field. Mr. Naiquan Wan, Product Director of Delta Greentech Industrial Automation BU Industrial Control System Department, pointed out that the implementation of new pharmaceutical production quality control regulations in China is bringing business opportunities in support of the rapid growth of the high-end pharmaceutical machinery markets. Anticipating future trends, Delta is aimed at this ever-growing industry and dedicated to providing value-added solutions for pharmaceutical machinery upgrades during the process of developing smart manufacturing.

This year, Delta unveiled pharmaceutical machinery solutions with its PLC-Based Motion Control DVP-PM Series, Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS Series, HMI DOP Series that supports Ethernet, and its Industrial Ethernet Switch DVS Series. These solutions meet the application needs of a wide range of equipment in the field, such as high-speed filling and capsule packaging, as well as filling, sealing, film feeding and conveying of automatic sealing equipment, to achieve higher efficiency and productivity.

For advanced pharmaceutical machinery, Delta also presented:
- SCARA Robot for high-speed precise medicine pick-and-place
- Horizontal medicine packaging solution with the multi-axis servo drive ASDA-M Series. The ASDA-M Series supports 3-axis control synchronously in one component, achieving higher flexibility, stability and precision for machine upgrades.
- Remote monitoring solution using the 4G Cloud Router DX Series to connect field devices to the internet. This solution allows users to remotely monitor real-time equipment operation data and alarms via a mobile APP or webpage and offers a digitalized production process to save debug and maintenance time and cost.

CeMAT Asia 2018 (11/6-9 in Shanghai, China)
CeMAT Asia is among the most focused trade fairs for intralogistics & supply chain management in China. At the event, Delta presented smart solutions for logistics with its integrated automation products and technologies aimed at smart factories. Mr. Daling Jin, Industry Director of Delta Greentech Industrial Automation BU indicated the importance of smart logistics. “Logistics is the key element that connects manufacturing and transportation, and it will become smarter and more flexible along with the trend of smart manufacturing. To satisfy our customers who seek to build modern factories for changing markets, we continue to develop smarter solutions. Of these, logistics is definitely an indispensable part.”

Delta shared its abundant experience in the industrial automation fields from the past two decades through major logistics solutions:
• Matrix Conveying System for Sorting connects monitoring cameras and equipment via Ethernet to rapidly identify packages or products, and adopts Delta’s servo system to efficiently execute accurate sorting. This system also applies Delta’s DOP Series HMI as an operation and monitoring interface, allowing users to easily check and manage real-time sorting execution.
• Cross-belt Sorter Solution integrates the Hot-swappable Mid-range PLC AH500 Series as core controller to perform high-speed multitask processing and stable operation. The solution supports either automatic or manual scanning and provides a user-friendly operation interface with Delta’s HMI, suitable for small package sorting processes.
•AGV Solution uses the Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS300 Series that supports high-speed pulse / analog output and standard Modbus for AGV system motion control. The system communicates via Modbus TCP and achieves wireless communication between AGV and control station with the Wireless AP/WDS/Client/Gateway DVW-W02W2-E2. The overall AGV operation arrangement and scheduling is managed by the Hot-swappable Mid-range PLC AH500 Series (with CPU module CPU530-EN).
• Palletizer Solution has a PC-based architecture for seamless integration with robots and factory management software for smart manufacturing. The solution also adopts simulation software which supports various palletizing robot models building and flexible scheduling and path combinations, saving setup time for the same palletizing robots. The situated guidance design of the software allows faster and more convenient editing for users.
Delta presented high-end automation products and solutions for pharmaceutical machinery upgrades at the 2018 China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition
Delta’s SCARA Robot for precise high-speed medicine pick-and-place attracted many visitors to the booth
Delta exhibits smart solutions for logistics with its integrated automation products and technologies aimed at smart factories at CeMAT Asia 2018
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