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  Delta’s Motion Control Solution Provides High-end Automated Cosmetic Assembly Line for a Well-known Japanese Brand
Cosmetic products have become increasingly essential in our daily lives as more women enter the workforce and the demographics of makeup usage expand. Because demand has increased significantly, cosmetic manufacturers must provide multiple up-to-date products to meet customers’ changing desires and requirements such as for different skin tones, skin conditions, and application purposes including skin care, beautification, makeup or even special effect styling. Creating a high-speed and high-performance production line with fast changing shifts and flexible, wide-variety manufacturing is turning out to be the biggest challenge for traditional cosmetic brands. The traditional cosmetic assembly lines rely heavily on labor that is constantly making human errors such as shift delays and inconsistent work performance, while also reducing the efficiency, quality and smoothness of overall production. To solve this problem, traditional cosmetic assembly lines are seeking to update by implementing production line automation for diverse product needs and manufacturing.

Meeting the requirements for cosmetics production, Delta has recently assisted a well-known Japanese cosmetic brand in building an integrated automatic assembly solution for makeup powder that effectively speeds up their operation efficiency and enhances production quality. The assembly line mainly consists of three sections: powder case feeding, assembly with powder cake, and discharging. The process begins with two machine vision systems, the DMV 2000 Series, that locate the powder cases on the conveyors for three SCARA Robots DRS60L Series that perform motions that include powder case pick & place, gluing on the inner side of the powder case, and placing powder cake with a slight pressing for completing the assembly. Afterwards, a third machine vision system locates PE films in the film tray to help vibrate and correct the PE films by Delta’s servo systems, ensuring the quality of the ensuing process finished products. Finally, the third and fourth SCARA Robots place the PE film onto the powder cake, pick up the finished makeup powders, and place them on the discharging conveyor for the ensuing process. The solution successfully enhances the customer’s production quality and speeds up the process by assembling one set of makeup powder within one second.

Delta’s assembly solution for makeup powder performs high-end automatic process control with the Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS300 Series as main host. Combined with motion control systems, AC Servo Drives, and Human Machine Interfaces in each section, the solution effectively improves the quality of the production monitoring management to fulfill customer requirements. In addition, this solution adopts Delta’s Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switch DVS Series that creates a comprehensive communication system to enable the controller to set up motion control scheduling while enhancing the efficiency of the motion control system. Unobstructed data transmission among the devices helps the integrated makeup assembly system achieve high flexibility, performance and precision.

In actual applications, Delta’s automatic assembly solution for makeup powder brings the following benefits to our customer:

· High precision motion control system for perfect coordination among sections: The solution employs Delta’s Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS300 Series with a built-in high-performance and high-speed computing CPU that brings perfect coordination to all production sections. Through CANopen communication, it simultaneously controls the 11 sets of Delta AC Servo Drive ASDA-A2 Series adopted for the solution to adjust the conveyors’ motor speed and correct the scattered PE films in the material tray, fulfilling the need for multifunctional control. Additionally, with the aid of Ethernet high-speed communication, the AS300 Series allows users to acquire the operation status of all equipment, optimizing overall production management and reducing human errors.

· High-end smart equipment replaces manpower and elevates production quality and efficiency: The solution succeeds in replacing manpower by adopting three machine vision systems DMV 2000 Series and five SCARA Robots DRS60L Series for high-precision locating, picking, and placing of powder cases and PE film respectively. With high repeatability, high precision and outstanding linearity and verticality, the DRS60L Series can quickly pick up powder cases and effectively elevate assembly efficiency by completing each set of makeup powder within one second. This helps reduce the defect rate and solve problems due to changing shifts such as a delayed production timeline.

· Flexible assembly line meets customer requirements for wide-variety production and future application: Each production section is equipped with Delta’s Network Type Advanced Slim PLC DVP-SE Series and Human Machine Interface DOP-B Series for the real-time display of equipment conditions and motion control adjustment. The independent PLCs also retain the flexibility for future applications, as well as providing the highly expandable assembly line for wide-variety production.

Delta’s automatic assembly solution for makeup powder fulfills customer needs with flexible and automated production, which effectively enhances production efficiency and precision, and reduces human errors and production costs to increase customers' overall competitiveness.
Compared to traditional manual assembly lines, Delta’s automatic assembly solution for makeup powder provides a higher performance and higher precision assembly system that successfully elevates production quality and efficiency.
With its high-performance computing CPU, Delta’s Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS300 Series brings perfect coordination to all production sections and optimizes overall production management.
Delta’s machine vision system DMV 2000 Series assists SCARA Robots in assembling makeup powder by locating the powder case and PE films with its high-speed image captures and high-precision identification to reduce defect rates.
Delta’s SCARA Robots DRS60L Series is capable of picking up many powder cases at one time as it effectively elevates assembly efficiency by completing each set of makeup powder within one second.
News Source: IABG Marcom
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