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  Delta SCARA Robot Dispenses Lead Frame Adhesive for Automotive Resistors - Achieves Flexible Manufacturing and Greater Efficiency
Industrial robots can replace manpower and solve problems such as labor shortages and inconsistent employee performance while providing the benefits of lower labor costs and shorter production times. To meet interchangeable production and industry demands, Delta’s SCARA robot workstation is dispensing lead frame adhesive for automotive resistors with excellent performance and high efficiency via smart production.

Unlike traditional automobile production lines that rely heavily on manpower for manufacturing components, industrial robots are designed to perform repetitive work and reduce labor demand while providing higher precision during the production process. In this success story, Delta’s SCARA robot solution helps a company in mainland China reduce recurring human error such as inconsistent glue dispensing and position deviation. The application of Delta’s solution has allowed the customer to achieve precise glue dispensing for more flexible manufacturing and improved quality.

The SCARA robot solution includes the Delta SCARA Robot DRS60L Series, robot controller DCS Series, and the machine vision system DMV1000 Series, that quickly and accurately identifies workpiece glue dispensing positions. The DCS Series controls the SCARA robot, which is equipped with a dispensing needle, to deliver consistent glue dispensing. A total of three SCARA robots along with three machine vision systems are used in one workstation. The programmable logic controller DVP Series assigns each robot’s glue dispensing with excellent precision of up to 0.01mm, to reduce human error and labor shortages. The identification function of the Delta machine vision system DMV Series prevents any motion deviation in the xyz directions of the SCARA robots.

In addition, the solution features user-friendly robot control software that supports multiple programming languages with simple programming steps for customers, and efficiently shortens SCARA robot production time. Other advantages include the DCS Series robot controller’s concise and robust space-saving design, and its support for many communication protocols as well as control of up to six servo drive extension axes to connect with different devices for flexible manufacturing.

The application of the Delta robot solution successfully reduces problems such as labor shortages and human error in dispensing lead frame adhesive for automotive resistors. With the use of the SCARA robot, the robot controller DCS Series, as well as the machine vision system DMV Series for precise glue dispensing applications, Delta provides a highly effective labor-saving robotic solution that offers high efficiency and greater flexibility.
Delta’s SCARA robot solution integrates the robot controller DCS Series and machine vision system DMV Series for more flexible manufacturing and greater efficiency
News Source: IABG Marcom
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