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  Delta Integrates SCARA Robots and Machine Vision System for an Outstanding Electric Iron Base Gluing Solution
Gluing is a common manufacturing process for many industries. Its purpose is to bond together different parts of a product to become one complete piece in the production line. Manufacturing demand for the gluing process is constantly growing, as are ever increasing labor costs. Manufacturing industries strive to find a balance between costs and product quality by developing fast glue dispensing techniques that can support stable profits. In recent years, with the intellectualization and digitalization of factories, smart factory management has become a necessity. Conventional equipment is being upgraded with automation devices to optimize manufacturing processes that can lower labor costs and raise production efficiency.

Conventional gluing processes depend on human labor, which often makes errors such as inconsistent glue length or spilled glue. Other problems include high labor and time costs, as well as poor quality. Machine automation for gluing replaces human labor with automatic glue dispensing technology, that can help save a huge amount of cost in time and labor with a faster and more precise glue dispensing process. For optimizing the gluing process, Delta has developed an automatic production line that is equipped with the robot workstations. This automatic iron base gluing solution helps enhance product yield rates and reduce gluing time to provide an industry upgrade for manufacturers.

Using the robot workstation for automatic glue dispensing, Delta’s electric iron base gluing solution adopts the Robot Controller DCS Series as its main controller. Matched with the Machine Vision System DMV1000 Series, the SCARA Robot DRS40L Series performs tracking and gluing by quickly tracking the moving iron bases and precisely dispensing glue on the assembly line.

For the robot tracking and gluing application the Robot Controller DCS Series gives commands to the Machine Vision System DMV Series via RS-232 protocol when the system is initiated. This prompts the cameras to photograph on a timely basis to capture the location of a target work piece, and the location information is sent to the SCARA Robot. Once the assembly line delivers work pieces to the robot working area, the SCARA Robot completes the process by tracking and dynamically dispensing glue onto the work pieces. For driving the assembly line in the motion gluing process, Delta adopts the High Performance Slim PLC DVP-SV2 Series to drive the AC Servo Drive ASDA-A2R Series via RS-485 protocol to control the assembly’s operating speed. Users can monitor real-time production status with the Widescreen HMI DOP-B Series, and adjust commands to the industrial robots and the assembly operating speed to eliminate problems on the production line and achieve a more efficient production flow.

In actual application, Delta’s electric iron base gluing solution brings the following advantages to our clients:

One stop solution for saving cost: Delta SCARA Robot workstations integrate into a customer’s existing production line to provide an industrial upgrade without requiring equipment replacement. In addition, the workstation is equipped with the bundle of Delta’s automation products for high compatibility as well as easy maintenance and integration. Customers only need to shop at one stop to build a perfect automated production line.

Delta high-precision robot enhances efficiency: The SCARA Robot performs high-precision operation, and ensures stable quality during mass production. Matched with command functions built into the Robot Controller, customers can directly use these functions without self-development, achieving stable, fast and high-efficiency robot command control.

The comprehensive integrated solution: Delta integrates SCARA Robots with a machine vision system and AC servo systems to fulfill the demand for motion tracking glue dispensing on an assembly line, providing customers with a high-precision and high-speed integrated gluing solution.

Delta provides the electric iron base gluing solution to build highly efficient robot workstations for customers. By enhancing the production efficiency and precision of the glue dispensing process, Delta successfully reduces wasted production time, and improves the industry competitiveness of customers.
Delta electric iron base gluing solution provides a comprehensive mechanical structure for building a robot workstation with high-efficiency and precise position control
News Source: IABG Marcom
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