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Press Releases
  Delta Presents Future Cities Powered by Smart, Green, IIoT-based Solutions at CIIF 2020 in China
Delta has just showcased a series of smart, green solutions for factories, buildings, and infrastructure under the theme: “Connectivity Powers New Smart Cities” at the China International Industry Fair 2020 (CIIF 2020) from September 15th to 19th in Shanghai, China. With robust R&D capabilities and a complete range of automation hardware and software, Delta presented its advanced industrial solutions for digitalized, IIoT-based smart factories and smart cities during the exhibition. These solutions were composed of components and integrated systems based on Delta’s electric / electronic and energy-efficient technologies, bringing together a blueprint aimed at smart, green manufacturing, buildings, transportation, and infrastructure for future cities.

Mr. Ping Cheng, Delta Group’s CEO, indicated that the needs for digital services and communication devices are increasing due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Delta has responded quickly to the new trends and enhanced their development of IIoT and AI technologies. The company’s continuous business expansion in the industrial automation, building automation, data center, and energy infrastructure fields aligns with the advancement of smart manufacturing and smart cities.

Mr. Eric Chen, the General Manager of the Industrial Automation (IA) BU at Delta Greentech, also pointed out that 2020 is a year with turbulence and impact. Our daily lives as well as manufacturing industries around the world were greatly changed due to the coronavirus outbreak. The unpredictability of the global situation fosters the implementation of digitalization and smart solutions in the manufacturing industries. To satisfy customer needs, Delta presented integrated solutions with cloud, IIoT, manufacturing management, smart equipment, automation components, and engineering software for smart, digitalized factories.

At this year’s CIIF, Delta focused on three topics: “Innovation for Smart Manufacturing”, “IIoT Technology for Green Buildings” and “Power Solutions for Infrastructure”. For smart manufacturing, Delta integrated OT (operation technology) and IT (information technology) to present smart production and manufacturing management with digitalization and visualization on a giant TV wall. This TV wall displayed real-time data collected from production, equipment, and energy consumption, as well as alarms, anomalies and handling status to demonstrate a vivid monitoring and control center for visual management in the modern factory.

Delta’s industry-specific solutions were also highlighted during the tradeshow. For instance, electronics assembly solutions covered management systems for key processes (such as production status, WIP quality, equipment efficiency and operation status, logistics and warehousing) and smart equipment (winding machines, AOI machines, and more) to construct an IT & OT integrated, smart, digitized electronic assembly line.

When it comes to real practice and implementation of digitalization and smart production, the key to success is the support of an experienced partner with in-depth know-how. Delta has decades of manufacturing experience in machinery, and offered suitable solutions for various industries at CIIF 2020, including:

- Robot workstation for flexible material feeding and loading / unloading: Integrates industrial robots and machine vision systems to complete multi-task processing and precise inspection.

- Servo Press: Accurately controls the pressing force for automobile or metal components to increase yield rate and reduce cost. Multiple safety functions provide protection for operators.

- Smart aluminum processing solution: Applied dedicated CAD/CAM software with feature recognition, path generation, 3D analog and interference detection functions for intuitive and user-friendly aluminum process planning

- All-electric injection molding machine solution: Delta’s dedicated controller matches with a high-performance servo system to enhance product quality

For software, Delta introduced the DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite, which is an all-in-one engineering platform for product selection, system configuration, and operation interface settings when integrating PLCs, HMIs, servo drives and AC motor drives into equipment. Other advanced software included the DRASimuCAD Robotic Simulation Platform. It enables robot workstation design, operation simulation and path generation for Delta’s industrial robot. Users can import actual robot operation and working environment data into the DRASimuCAD to generate a 3D model for simulation, effectively reducing development time for robot workstations and enhancing efficiency.

During the exhibition, Delta’s Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS Series was awarded the Product of the Year 2020 by Control Engineering China (CEC). The AS500 Series is Delta’s mid-range PLC designed for advanced equipment. It features high performance and abundant motion control functions (single-axis, multi-axis and axis group commands), and supports Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT communication for complex applications. The AS500 is user-friendly and applicable to various equipment and industries, and it won the CEC 2020 award.

As an international supplier of electronics manufacturing and industrial automation solutions, Delta has been dedicated to the development of automation and energy management technologies, as well as IIoT and cloud applications. We will keep working with customers to advance digitalization and enhance competiveness, and make sure we are prepared for post-pandemic growth!

Delta participated in CIIF 2020 with the theme “Connectivity Powers New Smart Cities”
The giant TV wall displayed real-time data collected from production, equipment, and energy consumption to demonstrate a monitoring and control center for visual management in a modern factory.
The robot workstation for flexible material feeding and loading / unloading integrates industrial robots and machine vision systems to complete multi-task processing and precise inspection.
Delta’s Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS Series was awarded the Product of the Year 2020 by Control Engineering China (CEC).
News Source: IABG MKT Dept.
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