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  Delta Partners with Microsoft and TrendMicro to Offer edgeMES for Machine Makers
Delta, Microsoft and TrendMicro announced their new partnership at the Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition 2020 (TIIAE). With the theme of “Digitized Automation for a Changing World”, the three parties presented the hybrid Manufacturing Execution System (MES) edgeMES for Machine Making. Combined with Microsoft’s Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and TrendMicro’s IIoT Cybersecurity Solution, Delta is looking forward to leading the digitized future for machine makers with the MES SaaS solution. The edgeMES, as an MES, caters to the demand of project-based production and management for machine makers.

Vincent Lin, the General Manager of Delta’s Advanced Manufacturing Business Unit, IABG, indicated that Delta understands that system construction cost and maintenance labor are major issues for machine makers facing a digital transformation. As a provider of industrial automation products and smart manufacturing solutions, and a manufacturer of smart equipment, Delta integrates the strengths of the three parties as an optimized solution to foster the digital transformation for machine makers. In this way, manufacturers can focus on their core businesses such as R&D and manufacturing to achieve smart manufacturing.

Peter Hu, the General Manager, Solutions & Technical Unit, Microsoft Taiwan, said that Microsoft continues to apply hybrid cloud and edge computing to assist a digital transformation. The partnership with Delta adopts the edge computing based on Microsoft’s Azure to build a cloud-based SaaS solution for the manufacturing industry. Users are able to subscribe to the features flexibly, saving system operation and maintenance costs with the edgeMES.

The General Manager, Taiwan and Hong Kong Region, TrendMicro, Bob Hung indicated that manufacturers should consider the hidden information security risks when implementing the IoT structure. TrendMicro is dedicated to enhancing IoT cybersecurity for users. Offering a dynamic IoT solution, TrendMicro utilizes the latest AI-driven machine learning to identify cyber threats. The collaboration with Delta will help successfully implement cloud-based solutions in local factories.

With more than 20 year of R&D expertise in industrial automation, and the smart transformation experience of its own plants, Delta has developed the light-weighted, plug-and-play edgeMES for users to quickly design and implement an MES. More advanced than a conventional local MES, the system is managed and based on the Azure cloud platform.

The edgeMES adopts Microsoft’s Azure IoT Edge and Azure SQL Edge. Via standard containers, the Azure IoT Edge executes on the edge devices of IoT. The excellent AI algorithm accelerates the cloud’s edge response and communication, and is operable offline for a long time. The Azure SQL Edge can be executed in an ARM and Intel structure with low latency and offline operation. With just one-time application development, it can be implemented easily on edge, data center, and Azure, saving data storage and transmission costs.

For cloud and IIoT data security, the edgeMES is compliant with security standards for cloud, local and internet communication. In particular, the local server adopts the dynamic IoT cybersecurity solution by TrendMicro. It prevents equipment from connecting with dangerous web sources and blocks web threats with an intrusion prevention system. TrendMicro’s AI-driven threat intelligence has huge threat knowledge assets that block possible security gaps and protect the system security of the whole factory.

On Aug 20th, Product Manager Victoria Lai from Delta’s AMBU, IABG talked with the two partner representatives at the two booth seminars. In the morning, the Azure IoT, Principal Solution Specialist Ben Lee from Microsoft Taiwan introduced how to build an MES suitable for machine makers with cloud-integration. Jeffery Cheng, the Global Consumer Sales Enablement and Business Development from TrendMicro, shared TrendMicro’s IIoT cybersecurity solution that provides a safety net for machine makers, eliminating the risks of cloud connection for local systems. The two seminars attracted numerous machine makers. The attendees expressed their interest in implementing the edgeMES at their manufacturing sites. The MES integrates robust smart manufacturing experience, cloud PaaS, and high cybersecurity that can accelerate manufacturing’s digital transformation.

The edgeMES for Machine Making presented by Delta, Microsoft and TrendMicro is perfect for machine makers seeking to upgrade their factories. Delta will continue to lead in the smart transformation of the manufacturing industry to realize its promise of “digitized automation for the changing world.”
Delta partners with Microsoft and TrendMicro to present the edgeMES for Machine Making. The solution integrates smart manufacturing expertise, cloud PaaS, and high cybersecurity as an optimized solution for the machine making of factories of the future.
On Aug 20th, Delta’s product manager and two representatives from Microsoft and TrendMicro shared the cloud-integration and cybersecurity features of edgeMES for Machine Making.
News Source: IABG MKT Dept.
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