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Press Releases
  Grand Finale of Delta’s Smart Manufacturing Webinar 2020 to Share Insights on Advanced Industry Solutions
The Delta Smart Manufacturing Webinar 2020, hosted by Delta’s Industrial Automation Business Group (IABG), will hold its grand finale in August. Since April, the weekly webinars have received positive feedback from nearly 2,500 viewers. At the end of July, Delta introduced its complete motion control solution with two webinars “Control the Motion of New Opportunities” and “Drive the Advanced Future.” The webinars covered Delta’s full motion control product range from controllers, motion control cards, AC servo drives & motors, to linear motors. In August, the topics will include advanced solutions for fluid automation and electronics industries. In addition, Delta’s IABG will host 8 seminars at its booth at the Taipei Int’l Industrial Automation Exhibition (TIIAE) on Aug 19th to 22nd. Two daily sessions will feature Delta’s smart manufacturing solutions and smart equipment, both on-site and broadcasting via livestream. The webinar speakers will share their insights on building a smart, digitized factory.

Topics will include:

• August 7th- Turn on the Valves for Smart Fluid Automation Systems: A fluid automation system’s main applications are for controlling air-conditioning systems, air compressors, and water treatment plants. Delta offers suitable solutions for each application. Delta’s fluid automation solution integrates the fan & pump vector control drives, and the mid-range controllers with variable flow control and anomaly protection functions. The solution transmits the operation data of the lower system to upper management via high-speed Ethernet switches for visualized analysis and management. Join this webinar to learn how Delta achieves complex process control of the fluid automation system with distributed processing and central monitoring for stable and reliable operation.

• August 14th – A New Era for Automated Electronics Manufacturing: At the webinar, Delta will share insider tips on achieving efficient, precise electronics manufacturing based on its solid industry experience. Implementing industrial robots, such as SCARA robots and articulated robots, also benefits automated production. With the DRASimuCAD Delta Robotic Simulation Platform and application modules, Delta’s robotic solution constructs a flexible and multi-tasking workstation for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

• August 19th – 22nd – Booth Seminars at TIIAE: Delta will host booth seminars for the first time at the exhibition, featuring smart manufacturing solutions and smart equipment to echo the theme of “Digitized Automation for a Changing World”. During the 4 days, there will be 8 seminars on-site and broadcasting via livestream daily at 11:00~11:30 am and 2:00~2:30 pm. The agendas will cover the complete system solution for Smart Factory Transformation; an introduction of the DIASPC Statistical Process Control and the importance of implementing quality control in manufacturing; Smart Manufacturing Solutions for the Electronics Industry based on Delta’s real experience; the latest Smart Equipment – Cylinder Servo Press; Equipment IoT and Visualization Solutions and success stories; and how to utilize the DIAEnergie Industrial Energy Management System and the DIAView SCADA System to build a green smart factory. On August 21st, two guest speakers from Microsoft and TrendMicro will join the seminars to talk about their partnership with Delta’s IABG, and the newly launched edgeMES for Machine Making. The cloud-based SaaS solution will lead machine makers in advancing their manufacturing.

Dedicated to the IA field for more than two decades, Delta continues to offer integrated smart solutions to achieve digitized and visualized production. Join the grand finale of Delta Smart Manufacturing Webinar 2020 at 14:00~15:00 UTC+ on August 7th or 14th, and daily livestreaming from August 19th – 22nd during the Taipei Int’l Industrial Automation Exhibition! Delta will share its advanced industry solutions to bring digitized automation for a changing world. (The webinars will be hosted in Chinese.)
Delta Smart Manufacturing Webinar 2020 is coming to an end in August. At the grand finale, Delta will share advanced solutions for fluid system and electronics manufacturing, and smart system & equipment solutions to achieve smart, digitized and visualized automation.
News Source: IABG MKT Dept.
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