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  Delta’s Automated Inspection Solutions Ensure Notebook Cooling Fan Quality and Increase Reliability
Since early 2020, many of our daily routines have been changed in ways that no one anticipated—working from home and receiving education online have become new lifestyles to minimize exposure to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is obviously rising demand for laptops or notebooks due to their mobility and compact size compared to desktop computers. However, a laptop’s lifespan depends on its durability and convenience of maintenance, and its cooling fan directly affects its processing efficiency.

A cooling fan’s performance lies in the welding of its iron case and shaft. Poor welding results in air leakage and vibrations when the fan runs, which may damage both the fan and the laptop. Such vibrations may also cause irritating noise. In addition, laptop maintenance can take a lot of time, effort and cost, so most users are unable or unwilling to fix the cooling fans.

Delta has recently integrated its machine vision system with automated industrial robots on its own production lines in Wujang, China, to inspect the welding of laptop cooling fans. The automated inspection solution implements fast welding inspection during cooling fan production and ensures fan quality.

Delta adopts the Machine Vision System DMV2000 Series and two Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arms (SCARA) for high-performance inspection. The DMV2000 Series accurately positions the iron cases on a tray, and the robot controller DCS Series drives one SCARA robot DRS60L to load iron cases of laptop fans with vacuum suckers and unload them onto the welding inspection machine. After inspection, the other SCARA robot – DRS40L loads and unloads these iron cases to the accepted or rejected areas.

It is simple to operate the machine vision and SCARA robots with the Human Machine Interface DOP-100 Series, which displays real-time information of the inspection. All these systems are designed and manufactured by Delta for seamless integration, stable operation and easy maintenance.

Delta’s automated inspection solutions with the machine vision system provide the following benefits and services:

• Efficient and quick inspection for high yields
Accurate positioning via the DMV2000 Series and fast loading / unloading of cooling fan cases with SCARA robots not only improves the welding inspection efficiency but also reduces labor cost and raises yield rates.

• Automated equipment for fast changeover
In addition to the welding inspection of laptop cooling fans, the automated equipment with the machine vision system can also inspect various workpieces for fast changeover and flexible production.

• Simple operation with multiple inspection modules
Users can save time and effort in developing complicated programs with the multi-functional inspection modules and workflow-based programming interface built into the DMV2000 Series. In addition, the DOP-100 Series allows facile handling of the automated inspection equipment.

Delta’s automated inspection solutions ensure rapid workpiece positioning with the machine vision system, improve efficiency for welding inspection of laptop cooling fan shafts and iron cases, and enhance fan quality. The solutions are suitable for various applications and for workpieces or products without angle variation such as screw holes.
Delta recently implemented welding inspection of laptop cooling fans on its own production lines in Wujang, China.
The Machine Vision System DMV2000 Series accurately positions iron cases of cooling fans on a tray and adjusts coordinates.
The robot controller DCS Series controls the SCARA robots for the loading / unloading of workpieces.
The automated welding inspection solution adopts two SCARA robots for fast and accurate workpiece loading / unloading.
News Source: IABG MKT Dept.
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