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  Robotic Work for Robots—Delta Presents a Flexible and Precise Assembly and Screw Driving Solution for Industrial Robots
Difficult conditions currently affecting manufacturing industries include labor shortages, harsh environments, short product life cycles, small-volume and large variety orders, and frequent changeovers. In response, production lines are utilizing more smart, agile and flexible workstations to shorten production time and enhance efficiency. Industrial robots are indispensable components to achieve fast and precise automated production in a range of conditions. Recently, a variety of manufacturers have begun to develop industrial robots.

However, industrial robot production, such as for robotic arms, is not easy. Take assembly and screw driving processes for example. It is difficult to lift a robotic arm and its heavy base manually. Enhancing production efficiency and quality is not easy with the inconsistency of manual screw driving and assembly. To meet the production demands for high precision and flexibility, Delta presents a smart solution — “Robotic Work for Robots”. Integrating the Articulated Robot DRV Series, SCARA Robot DRS Series, a screw driving module, and Delta Machine Vision System DMV Series, the solution achieves automated assembly and screw driving for robotic arms. Delta implements this solution in its own plant, and effectively enhances the quality, flexibility, and productivity of SCARA robot manufacturing.

The assembly and screw driving processes for industrial robots are as follows: The servo-driven slides feed in the base, and first and second arm into a fixture. With the assembly module, the DRV Series assembles the base and arms. During the process, the DMV Series inspects the holes for screw driving, and guides the DRS Series to pre-screw two screws to fix the semi-finished products. Meanwhile, the DRV Series allows quickly replacing the assembly module with a screwdriving module for the robot arms to perform screw driving with the DRS Series. Finally, the servo system discharges the fixture to complete the assembly.

For actual applications, the solution brings the following benefits to customers:

• Excellent screw driving module
The assembly, testing, and screw driving modules are easily switchable. The screw driving module is equipped with multiple driving parameters (multi-section torque / speed, force, and feeding speed setting). The diverse recipe parameters allow flexible screw driving order setting for quick changeover. The auto-detection, force and status monitoring, real-time data capture, and screw driving wave display functions are also available. If there are any anomalies, the system will send an alarm notification in real-time.

• Precise screw driving position
The concise operation interface of Delta’s robotic software enables easy adjustment and data monitoring for users. In addition, the 2D inspection by the DMV Series enhances accuracy, assisting the industrial robots identify position and quantity of screw driving holes quickly and precisely.

• Complete and integrated screw driving solution
The entire system adopts Delta’s self-developed key components for stable operation, easy tuning and maintenance. The high precision, repeatability, and stability ensures an outstanding and complete solution.

Delta’s automated screw driving solution enables efficient screw driving for auto assembly and screw driving of robotic arms. It effectively solves labor shortage issues, enhances SCARA product quality, and elevates flexibility with better productivity.
The Robotic Work for Robots Solution integrates Delta’s Articulated Robot DRV Series, SCARA Robot DRS Series, and the Machine Vision System DMV Series for automated assembly and screw driving of robotic arms.
News Source: IABG MKT Dept.
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