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Press Releases
  Delta to Introduce Industry Solutions for Production Upgrades at Smart Manufacturing Webinars in July
Delta’s Industrial Automation Business Group (IABG) has just hosted three webinars covering key equipment and components with abundant application cases for production upgrades in June. Coming up in July, Delta will share tailor-made solutions for various industries based on its solid R&D capability and real experience. The speakers will guide viewers to select specific IA products and build smart machines to better understand smart manufacturing trends.

Topics will include:

July 3rd - Molding a New Production Line: Injection molding is an indispensable production process for numerous plastic products. With technology advances and higher standards for precision, traditional injection molding machines often fall short of meeting requirements. Delta will introduce three types of efficient and energy-saving injection molding machines: hybrid, all electric, and hybrid + electric. Users can achieve production upgrades with a suitable solution based on product weights, precision requirements, or flexible production.

July 10th- One Click to Build a Smart Machine: Delta presents the DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite to fulfill market demands for efficient, functional and flexible machine building. The DIAStudio is an integrated platform for machine makers to quickly select components and set parameters. The features of DIAStudio will be revealed in the webinar with actual demos on product selection, programming, system and parameter setting, machine tuning, connection setting, and HMI setting. With DIAStudio, users can easily build a smart machine with one software package.

July 17th- Machine Tools Upgrades: Machine tools are fundamental to all kinds of machines, from metalworking to woodworking. Delta provides CNC-based and PC-based solutions for various machine tools, such as grinding machines, lathes, and milling machines. In addition, Delta’s latest non-contact fire cutting machine solution will also make its debut at the webinar. Delta’s solutions integrate controllers, servo drives, AC motor drives, equipment IoT platform and 3D CAD/CAM software with a unified communication protocol for easy maintenance. The stability, accuracy, and repeatability of Delta’s systems are focused on satisfying customers.

Take part in Delta’s webinars at 14:00~15:00 UTC+ on Fridays from July 3rd to 17th. Delta will provide exclusive tips to upgrade your production line quickly and easily, using only key equipment! All the webinars are hosted in Chinese. For more information, please visit the website:
On July 3rd, 10th, and 17th, Delta’s IABG will introduce key equipment for industry upgrades at its webinars via livestream.
News Source: IABG MKT Dept.
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