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  Delta Promotes IA Products for India at ELECRAMA EXPO 2020
Delta recently participated in the ELECRAMA EXPO 2020 in India from January 18th to 22nd. The ELECRAMA show is India's largest and most prestigious exhibition for the electronics and electrical industries. At the show, Delta displayed their SCARA Robot with Screw Driving Application, Flexible Articulated Robot Workstation with Machine Vision Inspection, Compact Drive MS300 Series, Machine Vision Inspection Solution, and Smart Sensors to support India's national economic development policies, including "Make in India", "Smart Cities Mission" and "Infrastructure" as well as seek new business opportunities in India.

The ELECRAMA show focused on electrical and electronics, automation, electric equipment, renewable energy and IoT. It gathered 1,172 exhibitors from 25 countries and 12,000 visitors from 120 countries to discover the electrical and electronics market potential in India. To meet the local electronic manufacturing demands, Delta presented a variety of industry-specific robots and new IA products. Highlights included:

• SCARA Robot with Screw Driving Application: Traditional electronics assembly industries rely heavily on manual work for screw driving. However, inconsistent tightening quality may result in product defects, reworking, material changeover and increased cost. In addition, changing the production process for different work pieces is time-consuming and labor intensive. Delta's Screw Driving Robot Solution integrates SCARA robot, self-developed screw driving module, robot controller, the latest screw driving software, teaching pedant, and machine vision system. It builds a complete, easy-to-use screw driving robotic workstation for fast line changeover. The screw driving software simulates the work path in advance and saves tuning time on actual implementation on the production line. During operation, the SCARA robot monitors and controls the screw tightening force and torque, and the machine vision system captures images for precise screw positioning. The solution greatly enhances productivity for electronics parts processing.

• Flexible Articulated Robot Workstation: Adopting Delta's Articulated Robot DRV Series with clamps and the Machine Vision System DMV Series, the workstation precisely executes multi-angle insertion and pick-and-place for various work pieces. The DRV Series is highly flexible, and the hollow wrist design of the 6th axis allows easy wiring. With the machine vision system, it can perform high-speed and precise mixed line production, suitable for inspection, material feeding, transportation, stacking, packaging, pick-and-place, insertion and assembly applications with increased yield rates and efficiency.

• Compact Drive MS300 Series: Inheriting the excellent performance of Delta's AC motor drives, the size of the MS300 Series is 40% smaller compared with previous models. It saves installation space, but boasts more complete functions. The MS300 Series covers a wide power range (0.2kW ~ 22kW), applicable for machine tools, textiles machines, woodworking machines, packaging machines, electronic manufacturing, fans, water pumps, and air-compressors. The MS300 Series is compact, easy-to-install with high performance and reliability.

• Machine Vision Inspection Solution: Delta presents its Fixed Type Barcode Reader DFS131 Series and Vision Sensor VIS100 Series. With the built-in LED indicator and CMOS sensor, the DFS131 Series can scan single barcodes under any lighting conditions. The VIS100 Series features high-speed and stable reading performance. It is suitable for multiple barcode reading and product inspection on a non-stop conveyor. Via mobile devices, users can remotely control the camera, adjust parameters, edit processes and monitor the browser to achieve flexible machine vision inspection.

In addition, Delta offers various smart sensors, including an Inductive Proximity Sensor, Photoelectric Sensor, Laser Displacement, and Area Sensors for users to select suitable products based on different environments and detect distance for a wide range of applications.

India is soon to become the world's 5th largest economy due to its fast development. Its local demands for infrastructure and automation production are growing rapidly. With an outstanding reputation and active promotion in India, Delta is keen to develop products that cater to local industry upgrade demands.
Delta participates in the ELECRAMA EXPO 2020 from January 18th to 22nd in India.
Delta combines the Articulated Robot with machine vision for inspection, transportation, pick-and-place, insertion and assembly applications, attracting many visitors.
Adopting screw driving software to simulate a work path in advance saves on tuning time for the SCARA robot in actual implementation.
Delta presents various machine vision inspection solutions and smart sensors for customers to select based on different applications.
Delta’s staff discusses requirements with customers, while introducing more about Delta’s IA products.
News Source: IABG MKT Dept.
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