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Press Releases
  Delta Electronics' Board of Directors Proposes 2017 Profit Distribution of NT$5.0 Cash per Share
Delta Electronics, Inc. today held a meeting of the Board of Directors, at which the Board adopted a proposal recommending the distribution of profit for the year 2017, and scheduled the Company's 2018 regular Annual Shareholders' Meeting.

The Board approved the following:

1. Earnings distribution for the year 2017 proposed by the Board is NT$5.0 cash per share (NT$5,000 cash dividend per 1,000 shares).

2. Due to a rapidly changing market, Delta is adopting a new employee bonus system. The employee bonus related to the Company’s 2017FY financial performance and job performance, will consist of an “employee cash bonus”, paid in April 2018 as well as an “employee profit sharing bonus”, paid in August 2018. The latter was approved for a total of NT$ 1,746,152,433 while the combination of both bonuses reaches 14% of the Company’s after-tax net profits.

3. The Company's regular shareholders' meeting is scheduled for 2018/6/11 (Monday) 10:00am, at the 2F Auditorium, No.18, Xinglong Road, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, R.O.C. The registration of title transfer of common shares will be suspended from 2018/4/13 to 2018/6/11 inclusively.

4. Acquisition of land in Chungli district, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, for an estimated NT$1.285 billion, and the subsequent construction of a new facility to fulfill business expansion needs. The total cost of construction is currently estimated at NT$2.2 billion.

5. Construction of Central Taiwan Science Park Plant 1, with an estimated total cost of NT$700 million, as means to fulfill the Company’s business development and research needs in industrial automation.
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