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Press Releases
  Delta Electronics' Board of Directors Approves 2009 Profit Distribution
Cash Dividend of NT$4.2
Taipei, Taiwan, April 27, 2010 – Delta Electronics, Inc. (Delta Electronics or the “Company”) today held a Board of Directors meeting, at which the Board approved the Q1 2010 Financial Results, proposed a 2009 earnings distribution and announced the convening of a 2010 Annual General Shareholders Meeting.

The Board also approved the following:

1.The consolidated audited Q1 2010 sales revenues were NT$33,463,453,000, net income after tax NT$2,946,929,000, and earnings per share NT$1.30.

2.The 2009 earnings distribution proposed by the Board is as follows:
(1) Cash dividend per share: NT$4.2; (2) Employee cash bonus: NT$2,156,670,465; (3) Directors' and Supervisors' compensation: NT$16,700,000.

3.On March 11, 2010 the Company announced the Board's resolution to convene the 2010 Annual General Shareholders' Meeting and its meeting agenda. In response to the amendments to Operating Procedures of Fund Lending and Operating Procedures of Endorsement and Guarantee by the Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan, as well as the Company's planning for Directors to serve concurrently as the Directors of two new subsidiaries, three newly added items for discussion and ratification will include the two aforementioned Operating Procedures and the dissolution of non-compete restrictions for Directors.
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