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Press Releases
  Delta Electronics' 2006 November Sales Revenues
Totaled NT$ 9,818 Million
Taipei, Taiwan, December 7, 2006 – Delta Electronics, Inc., today announced that its consolidated sales revenues for November 2006 totaled NT$ 9,818 million, representing a 7 percent increase as compared to NT$ 9,135 million for November 2005 and a 2 percent decrease as compared to NT$ 10,002 million for October 2006. Sales revenues were NT$ 8,071 million for China operations, NT$ 2,227 million for Taiwan operations, NT$ 963 million for Delta Networks Incorporated and related operations (networking), and NT$ 1,443 million for related party transactions in November 2006. The Company's cumulative consolidated sales revenues from January to November in 2006 were NT$ 96,226 million, a 32 percent increase as compared to NT$ 72,678 million for the same period last year.

Percentage of sales for each Business Group/Business Unit for November 2006:
Power System Business Group I(PSBG I)


Power System Business Group II(PSBG II)


Component Business Group(CPBG)


Video Display Business Group(VDBG)


Electromechanical Business Unit(EMBU)






* The figures have not been audited.
News Source: Investor Relation Services
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