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  Delta Electronics was presented by HP with the Certificate of Appreciation
Delta's QBR score was lower than 70 in year 2000. At that time, John Canik (Compaq commodity manager) has long talk with Mark Ko (was GM of PSBG at that time) several times and Mark even told John that Delta is serious considerring if we should withdraw from Compaq business because the customer is "so difficult to be pleased". In Compaq rule, the vender whose score under 70 should not receive RFQ from Compaq. And Delta did lost several RFQ in year 2000.

Since than, Delta has changed the whole team in DPH and even relocated the office to our current location. (Jan 2001) I was relocated from DPR to DPH at Oct of year 2000 to handle DPH operations and been told to do Delta's best and maybe the last try to see if we can save the business. With Mark Ko and M.S. Huang's fully support, our new team member in DPH are able to meet customer requirements. We increase the communications frequency and always follow up with customer requirement closely, the relationship between Compaq and Delta become extremely good since than. This great achievement are done by Jillian, Lisa (Sales side) and also our supporting engineers (Eric Liu and Jerry Su). The result is Delta been rated as #1 vender 11 times in the recent 13 times QBR.

In year 2002 to 2003, due to HP/Compaq merge, several projects been cancelled or delay. So even we build good relationship with Compaq team but our revenue is still remain low ($70M for year 2002 with Compaq, $80M in year 2003 with HP/Houston) because there is no new projects. Delta has been very patient during those time. After HP/Compaq merge issue closed, a lot of new projects oppertunities released from new HP team, Delta start to award almost every projects from HP/Houston. In another side, Lite-On was 60% share of HP server and desktop business but they did not award too many projects in year 2003 so their share will reduce a lot in year 2004 and 2005 when the new projects start mass production. (starting from June 2004) Delta replace Lite-On to becoem HP's #1 business share vender now.

Delta visitors from Taiwan or DPC can feel customers are very happy to meet us now in stead of endless complain before. HP give us a lot of good words during the ceremony of vender award. We are forecast to see $150M revenue coming from HP/Houston projects in year 2005.

As I told HP during the meeting, DPH will keep working as hard as we always are to serve our customer. The award trophy is just a beginning to confirm that DPH is in the right direction to improve both HP and Delta's business. Since we become #1 business sharing vender in HP/Houston now. We want to go further to provide our best service to make both HP and Delta become the most successful company in Computer and power supply business.
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