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Press Releases
  Delta Awarded Black & Decker's Supplier of Excellence 2005
Delta has been awarded by Black & Decker as the supplier of excellence for Exceptional Innovation of 2005.

Black & Decker is the world's largest producer of power tools and accessories. It's household products business is the U.S. leader and among global competitors in the small household appliance industry. The XR4 Nirvana project was the key to demonstrate Delta's ability and best confidence level to co-development with B&D engineering team. This was awarded only to one supplier out of more than 900 vendors; a tremendous achievement was credited to Mr. JJ Chang who leads the AC/DC adapters design team and DET's manufacturing/testing capability along with the program management's driving force to make this happened.

The significant meaning for this awarded behind is we have been considered as the engineering co-design partner to B&D therefore the relationship has extended to another level. In addition, our quality level on the score card remains 0 DPPM.
News Source: Corporate Communications
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