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  Delta Electronics Awarded "Most Admired Company in the Electronics Industry" for Four Consecutive Years
Taipei, Taiwan, October 24, 2005 – Delta Electronics was once again awarded CommonWealth magazine's "Most Admired Company in the Electronics Industry" for the fourth consecutive year. The award is the result of a one month survey and cross-evaluation within the electronics industry and extensive evaluation by experts and scholars.

This year Delta Electronics earned high scores in all evaluation categories including "Long-term investment value" and "Corporate social responsibility", and ranked No. 8 among all companies in Taiwan. In addition, representing the electronics industry, Delta ranked No. 6 among leaders from 22 classified industries, rising from a No. 20 ranking in 2004.

Delta Electronics earned high marks for the core of this year's survey, which was: the selection, employment, training and retention of human resources. In an exclusive interview with CommonWealth magazine, Delta's executive team discussed human resource challenges. Chairman Bruce Cheng mentioned the appointment of Mr. Y. C. Lo as an independent Board of Directors member with broad experience in dealing with global operations and cultivating international human resources. With changes in personnel structure and requirements, Mr. Cheng acknowledged that developing leaders is a company's most difficult task. CEO Yancey Hai pointed out that globalization and a shrinking world have forced domestic corporations to pay more attention to the value of people. With rich work experience at a European firm, Senior HR Director H. C. Ni said that top talents are looking for a platform, not a salary per se. This year Delta Electronics has begun to take advantage of its global operations to attract international talent.

The trends underlying this year's survey include increasing competition, strengthening innovation and good international performance by domestic high-tech companies. Delta Electronics performed well in all areas. Compared with the 2004 survey, Delta's 2005 survey scores rose in the areas of "Vision," "Innovation," "Operational performance," "Financial capability," "Global operations" and "Technology application."

The "Most Admired Company" awards ceremony took place at the Grand Formosa Hotel in Taipei on October 19. Guests included the Minister of Economic Affairs, Ms. Mei-yueh Ho, former Vice Chairman of the Legislative Yuan, Mr. P. K. Chiang, representatives of the 22 awarded companies, and many distinguished guests.

With its corporate mission "To provide innovative energy-saving products for a better quality of life," Delta Electronics emphasizes the values of quality, innovation and agility. Delta has earned Supplier of the Year awards from major partners Microsoft and Cisco, as well as a "Green Partner Certificate" from SONY for implementing lead-free manufacturing processes. Winning "Most Admired Company in the Electronics Industry" for four consecutive years confirms that Delta Electronics has not only succeeded in research and product development, but it has also gained recognition in the areas of corporate social responsibility and human resources.
News Source: Corporate Communications
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