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Press Releases
  Delta's Corporate Headquarters Receives Diamond-Level Certification of the Taiwan Green Building Label
  Becomes Taiwan's First Mid-Rise Office Building with Diamond-Level Certification in the Existing Buildings Renovation Category  
Delta's corporate headquarters, the Taipei RueyKuang Building, recently received diamond-level certification of the Taiwan Green Building label. The certification sets two records: 1) for the best carbon reduction rate among Taiwan office buildings (51.75%), significantly surpassing diamond-level evaluation criteria (20%); and 2) for becoming Taiwan's first mid-rise (6 to 15 stories) office building to acquire green building diamond-level certification in the existing buildings renovation category. This is Delta's 11th certified green building worldwide, and its first green building honor in 2014. Delta continues to respond to the challenge of climate change and promote Green Building concepts.

Delta CEO Mr. Ping Cheng remarked, "The energy consumption of buildings accounts for one-quarter to one-third of the world's total energy consumption. Delta has advocated green buildings since 2006, and our Taiwan factories and offices serve to demonstrate the advantages of green buildings. In contrast to Delta's other 10 green buildings worldwide, which were built using green building construction methods, Delta's corporate headquarters is our first existing building to acquire Taiwan green building diamond-level certification. It shows that an existing building that applies Delta's energy-saving products and solutions can achieve significant energy savings and carbon reduction benefits. Delta hopes this will serve as a good example and influence all industry sectors and the community."

Delta's corporate headquarters energy-saving renovation project was officially launched in 2013 and lasted about seven months. Delta's internal team implemented their own energy-saving diagnosis, planned and designed improvement engineering, and applied Delta's energy-saving products and solutions. Key energy-saving solutions include:

- Intelligent air conditioning solution: With existing air-conditioning hardware facilities, Delta introduced its programmable logic controllers (PLC), inverters, human-machine interfaces (HMI), and self-developed an intelligent air-conditioning control program system. Compared with full-load operation, it achieves 25% in energy-savings;

- Lighting solution: Delta's LED indoor and outdoor lighting and programmable process control are used along with infrared sensors. Compared with traditional lighting, the energy-savings are more than 72%;

- Elevator energy-saving solution: Delta's power regeneration units effectively convert energy consumed by traditional elevator braking resistance into electrical energy and feed it back into the building's power-grid system. Compared with the elevators' prior energy consumption, the energy-savings achieved is 32%;

The building also uses Delta iPEMSTM intelligent monitoring and management systems, which continuously monitors major facilities such as air conditioning, lighting and elevators, as well as electricity flows, floor electricity use, and other information, and provides a reference for follow-up energy-saving decision-making and management.

The Delta Taipei RueyKuang Building was officially completed and opened in 1999 in the Neihu Technology Park, which is where many technology industry headquarters are located. In addition to promoting energy-saving and renewable energy applications, the RueyKuang Building was the technology park's first office building to install solar photovoltaic systems (5kW). In 2005 the building received the "Energy Conservation Excellent Enterprises Office Building Award" from Taiwan's Executive Yuan, and in 2007 it won the top prize of the "Taipei Energy Conservation Award Competition" in the industrial and commercial group.
Delta HQ receives diamond-level certification of the Taiwan Green Building Label in the Existing Buildings Renovation Category.
Delta's iPEMS intelligent monitoring and management systems display real-time energy management information such as energy-saving rate of HVAC systems.
Delta's power regeneration units effectively recover energy from elevator braking resistance and feed it back into the building's power-grid system.
Delta's LED lighting solutions achieves high energy-saving rate.
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