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Press Releases
  Delta's Tainan Plant Phase II Received Diamond-Level Certification of Taiwan Green Building Label from the Minister of the Interior
December 6, 2013- The Architecture and Building Research Institute (ABRI) held a ceremony to grant Delta's Tainan Plant Phase II the diamond-level certification of Taiwan Green Building Label. The Minister of the Interior of Taiwan, Mr. Hong-Yuan Lee, presented the certification to Delta's Chairman, Mr. Yancey Hai. This is Delta's second diamond-level Green Building/Factory that fully complies with all nine EEWH (Ecology/Energy-Saving/Waste Reduction/Health) indexes. Compared with the EEWH criteria, the Phase II achieves 34% energy-savings. Delta's energy-efficient solutions for elevator systems, LED lighting systems and Solar PV systems are also implemented in Tainan Phase II.

The Minister of the Interior Mr. Lee remarked, "Delta is one of the enterprises with the most inspiring vision and proactive thinking in Taiwan. It not only delivers outstanding benefits on the development of energy-saving products, but it is also a pioneer enterprise in the active promotion and enhancement of the Green Building concept and in the support of its policy. Delta Electronics Foundation also contributes significantly in promoting the Green Building concept through its relevant activities."

Delta's Chairman Mr. Hai commented, "We express our sincere gratitude to Minister Lee for personally presenting us with the Green Building certification and to ABRI for its assistance. The Green Building concept is not only the implementation of environmental protection and energy conservation, but also the best guarantee for employees' life quality and health. Delta has been dedicated to the promotion of Green Building since 2006 and has promised that all its new buildings/factories will be green buildings thereafter. To date, Delta has built 6 factories and has donated 4 academic buildings with Green Building certifications. In 2012 Delta's green buildings saved around 800 million kWh. In addition, Delta has integrated major solutions including Industrial Automation, Building Automation, Datacenter, Telecom Network Energy, Renewable Energy, Display and Monitoring, and EV Charging solutions that transform the Green Building and Smart Green Building concepts into a reality."

Delta's Tainan Plant Phase II was planned and designed by J.J. Pan and Partners, Architects and Planners. Its principal, Chung-Wei Su, remarked, "This case was conceived to take into life Delta's green corporate culture and its Green Building concept. The new plant was created through natural architecture methods that harmonize with physical conditions of sound, light, heat, air and water, thus, enabling a true representation of its corporate mission. For example, the International Meeting Hall adopts buoyancy-driven ventilation that could provide 260 people with proper air quality without the need of HVAC in specific months of the year."

Delta's Tainan Plant is the major R&D site of the Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) Business Unit. The core products include Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units and InfraSuite, an integrated solution that significantly reduces energy consumption at datacenters by leveraging Delta's multi-decade expertise in research and manufacturing of thermal management solutions to minimize the need for air-conditioning cooling. In addition to the professional design human capital present, the Phase II set up the biggest Enthalpy Lab in with 105 kW testing capacity, capable to perform refrigeration, heating, energy consumption and COP (Coefficient of Performance) measurements with remarkable accuracy. In addition, the Phase II also includes a datacenter energy management system to monitor the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of Delta's major sites. The annual PUE of Delta Shanghai R&D Center achieves 1.43 which is not only lower than 3 of China datacenter's average value, but also superior to 1.5 of Green Grid Gold-level criteria. Taiwan National United University (NUU) has implemented Delta's InfraSuite in its datacenters and has set the Green Grid Gold-level as operation target.
Delta’s Tainan Plant Phase II Received Diamond-Level Certification of Taiwan Green Building Label from the Minister of the Interior.
The Minister of the Interior of Taiwan, Mr. Hong-Yuan Lee(right), presented the certification to Delta’s Chairman, Mr. Yancey Hai.
Delta’s Chairman, Mr. Yancey Hai (left 7), the Minister of the Interior of Taiwan, Mr. Hong-Yuan Lee (right 7) and VIP guests take a group photo in the ceremony.
Dr. Charles Tsai (first from right) introduces Delta's smart energy management system to guests and media.
Chairman Yancey Hai (first from left) introduces Delta's 2nd diamond-level Green Factory to the Minister of the Interior.
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