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  Delta Electronics Chairman Bruce Cheng Endows NCKU with NT$100 Million to Build Y.S. Sun Green Building Research Center
TAIPEI, Taiwan, January 29, 2007 – At a ceremony held today at the Sheraton Taipei, Delta Electronics' Chairman Bruce Cheng endowed his alma mater, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), with NT$100 million to construct the Y.S. Sun Green Building Research Center. Commemorating Y.S. Sun, one of Taiwan's most admired statesmen, the new center will promote research into green architecture. NCKU President Chiang Kao also announced at the ceremony that NT$40 million will be allocated to equip the building for research into solar power, energy and environmental monitoring, and green building research.

Once considered the dark horse of Taiwan's economic miracle, the electronics industry is currently leading a push to protect the environment and Delta Electronics is in the forefront of companies actively involved in environmental protection. Delta has made major investments in solar-powered photovoltaic products and energy-saving electronics and has established the Delta Electronics Foundation. Through these efforts Delta is contributing to a culture of environmental protection and energy-saving among Taiwan companies and is now advancing education and research for green buildings.

At the ceremony Mr. Cheng remarked that the threat of global warming and damage to the ozone layer means that humanity is faced with a crisis. "The damage and pollution caused by human activity and industrial development is destroying the Earth's ecological balance. The damage has occurred gradually and has gone unnoticed by people busy with their work and personal lives. This man-made environmental damage is becoming increasingly serious. Prompt action must be taken to save the environment or our civilization could quickly slide into oblivion." Mr. Cheng said he is delighted to contribute to the construction of the Y.S. Sun Green Building Research Center as well as promote green building concepts and environmental education at NCKU.

In recent years Mr. Cheng has made endowments to several Taiwan universities. In 2000 he established the Y.S. Sun Technology Lectures with a contribution to National Tsing Hua University. In 2001 he endowed NCKU with one million shares of Delta Electronics stock to establish the K.T. Li Technology Lectureship and in 2005 he contributed to the building of the new K.T. Li Research and Development Center at National Central University. Mr. Cheng is honoring former premier Y.S. Sun once again, naming NCKU's new center the Y.S. Sun Green Building Research Center. Mr. Cheng's endowments show his gratitude to educational institutions, his hopes for a stable society, and his dedication to advancing the nation as an entrepreneur.

Chairman Cheng endowed NCKU with the Y.S. Sun Green Building Research Center because of the university's outstanding achievements in green building research. NCKU's Department of Architecture assisted Taiwan's government in establishing an EEWH green building assessment system. This system was only the 4th national green building standard implemented worldwide and it has become a model for green building policy internationally. Professor Lin Sian-de of NCKU's Department of Architecture designed Delta Electronics' office and factory at the Southern Taiwan Science Park. This building has received much acclaim and it was awarded Taiwan's first gold-rated green building certificate, the highest such award in Taiwan.

According to the Association of European Building Surveyors, construction related industries around the world currently consume 50% of the Earth's energy, 50% of its water resources, and 40% of its raw materials, while generating 50% of its air pollution, 42% of its greenhouse gases and 48% of its solid waste. This makes the building industry one of the chief causes of environmental damage, which is why the Delta Electronics Foundation is also promoting research into green buildings. The Foundation also sponsors events to support environmentalism, such as recent free screenings to promote the environmentalist movie An Inconvenient Truth featuring former U.S. vice-president Al Gore. This is another of Mr. Cheng's contributions to environmental education to ensure Taiwan's sustainable development.

The Y.S. Sun Green Building Research Center
The Y.S. Sun Green Building Research Center is to be built at NCKU's Li-Sin campus. The building will have three levels above ground and one level underground. When completed, the center will serve as NCKU's international conference center and will exhibit technologies achieved through green building research. The building will utilize the most economical and efficient green building technologies such as energy-conservation, renewable energy, waste reduction, water recycling and nano photo-catalysts. All of the building's structural materials will be built using concrete containing recycled aggregates made from reservoir sludge. Green building materials will be used throughout the interior and exterior to achieve an estimated 80% renewable material utilization rate. The building will also incorporate a sub-tropical energy-saving exterior design that emphasizes natural lighting and ventilation. The high-efficiency energy-saving air-conditioning system, solar-power, light guide tubes and the BEMS energy management system are expected to cut power consumption by 50% compared with similar buildings.

The building will also have an experimental energy conservation house, a green building technology exhibition center, as well as energy conservation and environment simulation equipment that will be available for official demonstrations. The NCKU Department of Architecture will also be commissioned to conduct an energy and environmental monitoring experiment to provide a real-time display of the building's green technology performance at the exhibition center. To fulfill a mission started in 2006, NCKU has established a professors' working group to model and analyze the latest green building technologies for use with the building. This is intended to achieve precise integration of all relevant technologies.
News Source: Corporate Communications
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