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Press Releases
  Delta Sets a New World Milestone in LED Lighting
  Demos World's Highest Efficiency 130lm/W Omni LED Bulb and Highbay Lighting , and Introduces Industry-leading 320-degree Omni LED Bulb that Meets Energy Star  
Taipei, Taiwan, March 25, 2013—Delta Electronics, Inc. is about to present the world's highest efficiency 130lm/W 1,600lm omni LED bulb that meets ANSI C78.20 2003 at the upcoming 2013 Taiwan International Lighting Show starting tomorrow. Delta will also introduce its industry-leading 320-degree omni LED bulb that fulfills the requirements for Energy Star v1.4 100W incandescent equivalent and will demonstrate its highbay lighting with the world's highest efficiency of 133lm/W.

"Along with Delta's mission of: 'To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow,' Delta's LED lighting offers outstanding value with a supporting mission of: 'To provide a better quality of light with differentiation in quality and service fulfillment.' At the show Delta will present the world's first 130lm/W omni LED bulb of 1,600lm that meets Japan's Product Safety of Electrical Appliance & Materials (PSE) regulations. Through product safety, performance, and energy-saving, Delta maintains its excellent reputation as a global leader in power and thermal management with the practice of 'Smarter. Greener. Together.'" said Roland Chiang, General Manager of the Solid-state Lighting Business Unit of Delta Electronics.

Delta will also introduce an omni LED bulb of only 19W that fulfills Energy Star v1.4 for 100W incandescence. This bulb provides outstanding performance of 1,600lm with a 320 degree light emission angle, and a high color rendering index. In addition, it is dimmable for more extensive usage in industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.

Delta will also show a miniature version of its "Delta Ring of Celestial Bliss" that was featured at the 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival. This will demonstrate not only Delta's series of architectural lighting products but also its integration capabilities in LED lighting solutions. With solid capabilities in LED lighting design and rapid product development, Delta will exhibit many new products and technologies. Delta will feature a "Shop & Factory" display with downlight, new PAR, and highbay lighting. The 133lm/W highbay is expected to be one of the biggest attractions at the show. This 75W LED highbay is equivalent in brightness to a 200W high pressure sodium (HPS) highbay, while delivering efficiency savings as high as 63%. Delta has added this outstanding green highbay product to its list of selections for spatial commercial and industrial lighting applications.

In addition to its already best-selling LED bulb series, Delta is expanding its residential lighting range to include downlights, candle lights, MR and globe lights with different color temperatures and brightness for varying applications. Delta will demonstrate an assortment of AC-input and DC-input tubes from 2ft to 8ft with advanced miniature embedded drivers in its "Tube Solution" display. Dimming via wi-fi or photo/thermal sensors encourages more savings of energy and carbon dioxide emissions. Delta will also demonstrate another smart control platform, the Zigbee Lightlink Compliance, to offer different choices for integration.

Delta's recent success in winning a bid to provide the Taiwan government with LED bulbs and LED streetlights for more than 50,000 streetlights has propelled Delta to become the leading industry brand in market share.

The 2013 Taiwan International Lighting Show is organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and implemented by the Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association, and will take place at the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1 from March 26th to March 29th. Delta will present its "Consumer Brand", "Tube Solutions", "Shop & Factory", "Light Engine & ECG", "Architectural Lighting", "Outdoor Streetlights", and "The Seed of Innovation" product and solution displays in area D0026.
Delta demos the world's highest efficiency 130lm/W Omni LED bulb.
The Industry-leading 320-degree Omni LED bulb that meets Energy Star.
News Source: Corporate Communications
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