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  Delta’s High-efficiency Medium Voltage Drives (MVD) Enhance Energy Savings
by up to 54% in a Refuse Incineration Plant in Taiwan
TAIPEI, Taiwan, March 07, 2017 – Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, announced today its medium voltage drive (MVD) technology has successfully enabled annual energy savings in motors of three induced draft (ID) fans in a refuse incineration plant in Taiwan by up to 54%. Such impressive improvement ratio, achieved through the energy-efficient motor speed control realized by the three units of Delta’s MVD1000 series drives, translates into annual savings of approximately 1.7 million kWh in electricity consumption for the first unit installed and to a valuable investment payback period below one year.

Victor Cheng, General Manager of Delta’s Power System Business Group (PSBG) remarked, “Delta has leveraged its core competence in high-efficiency power electronics and commitment to R&D-based innovation to become the only manufacturer of cutting-edge branded MVDs in Taiwan because the industrial sector is one of the most energy-intensive fields in the world, and therefore, pivotal in the crusade for lower carbon emissions. We are delighted to see that such efforts are paying off and look forward to nurturing energy efficiency in a wide spectrum of applications within the metallurgy, cement, power generation, mining and oil & gas fields with our MVD technology.”

The three units of Delta’s MVD1000 series MVDs have been implemented in a refuse incineration plant in Taiwan to regulate the speed of three ID fans’ 6.6kV, 710kW-rating motors, thus, replacing existing damper control. After one year in operation, one single MVD1000 has enabled annual energy savings of up to 54% for a total of approximately 1.7 million kWh in lower electricity consumption, without sacrificing air flow requirements. The financial benefit resulting from these savings indicate the customer can recover the investment in each MVD1000 series MVD in less than one year.

Delta’s medium voltage drive MVD1000 series boasts input power quality with up to 97% energy conversion efficiency, multi-pulse input rectification and a built-in proportional integral differential (PID) controller to improve productivity and energy savings in 3.3~11kV motors operating in industrial fans and pumps, in contrast with the relatively inefficient conventional damper or valve control. In addition, lower stress on ducts, pipes or motors resulting from that energy-efficient speed control can also enhance the lifetime of crucial equipment and minimize maintenance time and costs. Delta’s MVD portfolio offering also includes value-added professional services that help customers assess return on investment (ROI) and energy savings estimations before actual system integration.

Other sites that have recently obtained relevant benefits from the utilization of Delta’s MVD1000 series include a cement manufacturing plant and an international airport, both located in Taiwan. The former experienced up to 51% annual energy savings through the management of motor speed in a rotary kiln cooling ID fan while the latter case includes a compact all-in-one MVD solution that decreases the input harmonics in the chiller equipment of the southern Taiwan airport’s air conditioning system.
News Source: Delta Electronics, Inc.
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