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  Delta Electronics to Introduce InfraSuite Datacenter Infrastructure Solution Supporting More than 25% Energy Saving for Datacenter
Delta Electronics announced the launch of InfraSuite today - the next generation datacenter infrastructure solution by capitalizing on its core competency of power and thermal management technologies and integrating environment management and rack design in the solution. The development concept of InfraSuite is "fully integrated design and scalable system architecture." Aiming to support the customer to achieve a highly-efficient datacenter that can save more than 25 energy through a one-stop-shop service, InfraSuite features on modularity, manageability, agility, efficiency and reliability, and is composed of 4 modules including power system solutions, rack and accessories, precision cooling and environment management system,

"Facing rapid development, industries are experiencing growing energy demands, but it requires time and cost to develop new energy sources. Therefore, providing integrated solutions that can manage energy consumption more efficiently becomes a new trend in the green energy industry." says Yancey Hai, vice chairman and CEO, Delta Electronics. "Following our corporate vision - Environmental Protection, Energy Conservation and Love the Earth, Delta Electronics capitalized on our core competence of power and thermal management technologies to develop InfraSuite, a fully-integrated datacenter infrastructure solution, that supports the customer to achieve highly reliable and energy saving datacenter operations. InfraSuite is also a pioneer of Delta to engage in the solution business..

Charles Tsai, General Manager, Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions Business Unit, emphasized: "backed up by the world leading power and thermal management technologies, Delta Electronics aims to become an industry leader in Asia by providing end-to-end datacenter infrastructure solution from design, manufacturing, planning to services. InfraSuite targets datacenters in the education, manufacturing, telecommunications, radio and broadcast, finance and insurance industries, and government sectors that occupy 70%~75% the total market. In addition to the greater China area, Delta Electronics plans to promote InfraSuite to the global market."

Due to the rise of Internet services, growing online population, popularity of smart phone applications, and increasing reliance on information usage by the enterprise, the demand for datacenters has been growing rapidly in recent years. However, a datacenter is a highly energy-consuming facility. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, energy consumed by a datacenter is 100 times higher than that consumed by the office of the same size. In addition to highly power-consuming servers, cooling makes up about 45% of the power consumed by a datacenter. Additionally, the increase in the amount of data computed has forced enterprises to expand the datacenter space to host servers and storage equipment. Delta InfraSuite,datacenter infrastructure solution featuring an unified product appearance, standardized product specifications and modularized solution design, supports customers to rapidly construct a datacenter within a short timeframe, and flexibly scale up to expand the basic infrastructure. This solution is indeed the prime choice for enterprises to cut down operation costs and improve competitiveness.
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