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Press Releases
  Delta Announces New DPR 850B Rectifier:
a Milestone in Energy Efficient Power for Network Broadband Services
  Potential annual savings of up to 6.3 Million kWh or $1 million USD
if 5,000 DPR 850B systems with 1.5kW loads are installed in a 3G / LTE network
Taipei, Taiwan, March 3rd, 2011- Delta Electronics, Inc., a world-leading power management solutions provider, announced its new DPR 850B rectifier that sets a new standard in energy efficiency for powering wireline and wireless network equipment with lower power demand. The rectifier delivers a high efficiency of 95% and power density as high as 30 W / inch3, keeping Delta in the forefront of energy efficiency and power density in the power range of less than 1.5kW for the telecom power market. Its platform and shelf solutions also increase energy efficiency 3–5% compared to the industry standard for today's low power applications. In addition, a 37–50% reduction in heat by the rectifiers requires lower installed cooling capacity leading to a total energy savings of 4.5–7.5% compared to the industry standard.

"Delta continuously enhances our energy saving solutions for all applications. Our newest rectifier DPR 850B extends our product line and brings Delta into the unique position of being able to provide energy efficient power solutions over the whole rectifier range, from a few hundred watts to several kilowatts. This enhances Delta's capability to provide one-stop shopping of energy efficient solutions for all applications and would simplify our clients' business processes," said Kelvin Huang, Head of Telecom Power Solutions Business Unit, Delta Electronics.

Deploying networks to provide broadband services such as 3G / LTE / Wimax / DSL requires small, energy efficient products. The DPR 850B platform offers compact footprint and creates additional space that allows operators to install more revenue generating equipment. The DPR 850B's very low audible noise is an additional benefit for installation in urban areas. "It revolutionizes the annual cost structure for installations using AC utility power. In a 3G / LTE network with 5,000 installations, the achievable annual savings may be up to 6.3 Million kWh or $1 million USD and the operator's annual CO2 savings could be up to 1600 tons," said Hans-Peter Glauser, Global Product Manager at Delta.

News Source: Corporate Communications
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