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Press Releases
  President Ma Pays a Visit to Delta's Tainan Plant
  Praises Delta's green building and R&D achievements in green energy innovation  
Taiwan's President Ma Ying-jeou, escorted by Jung-Chiou Huang, undersecretary of economic affairs, Yi-shih Lin, general secretary of the executive yuan and Jerry J.R. Ou, chief of the bureau of energy were welcomed by Bruce Cheng, founder and chairman of Delta Electronics, when they paid a visit to Delta's green building in Tainan on the afternoon of April 24th 2012. Mr. Ma praised the design concepts and energy saving results of Delta's green factory and office buildings. Mr. Cheng also introduced the green buildings under construction for Delta's Tainan No. 2 Plant as well as a score of Delta's green products and innovative technologies in LED lighting, solar energy, industrial automation, and electrical vehicles.

President Ma said, "Delta Electronics has been the leading enterprise in environmental protection and energy saving, and deserves the title of the "King of Power Saving." Delta not only saves power in Taiwan but also the world. Visiting Delta again serves two purposes: to learn more about the development of the green energy industry and to learn the "energy saving and carbon reduction" mechanism adopted by Chairman Cheng, an entrepreneur with a zealous enthusiasm for saving energy. The government strives to create an environment for green energy and low carbon by working together with the private sector to promote the use of energy saving products."

Addressing the current hot topic of the dual price increase of gasoline and electricity, Mr. Cheng said, "Electricity prices in Taiwan are relatively low compared with most countries in the world. Managing a reasonable electricity price-hike is something the government must implement. Temporary pain caused by hiking electricity bills can be a motivating force for an enterprise to develop in the direction of saving energy." Mr. Cheng also promoted the use of LED lighting. "LED light bulbs contain no mercury, are more efficient, and have a very long life cycle. The household LED light bulb can light for forty thousand hours, meaning that no new replacement is required for 10 years. It not only saves up to 90% electricity when compared with conventional ones but also preserves precious natural resources. Accelerating the penetration of LED lighting is both correct and energy saving," he added.

Delta has adopted the business vision of "Care for the Environment, Energy Saving and Our Green Earth" since its founding forty years ago. Starting in 2004, Delta's office buildings and production facilities around the world are all designed and constructed using green methods. The Third Plant and R&D Center launched in 2011 fully adopted energy saving devices including Delta energy saving and industrial automation products and control systems, solar panels, LED lightings, water resource treatment systems, and renewable energy supply. Delta expects this new facility may save more than TWD five million in electricity bills, reduce CO2 emissions by 1200 tons, and reduce water usage by 75% (around 3000 tons) with its water saving appliances and rainwater recovery system each year. Delta's new building is automatic, intelligent and green!
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