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  Delta Group Opens Shanghai R&D and Operations Center Building
Shanghai, China, November 15, 2011 – The Delta Group announced the opening of its new Shanghai Operations Center and R&D building. Representing a new operational milestone, the new building will be used to integrate the marketing and services network of the Delta Group to rapidly reflect market demand and enhance overall R&D capabilities. The energy-saving building was constructed using up-to-date resource conserving technology, including a rooftop solar energy system from Delta Group, indoor LED lighting, and rainwater recycling facilities. The building fulfills the Delta Group mission: 'To provide innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions for a better tomorrow.'

Delta Group began operating in China in 1992, initially setting up a factory in Dongguan and establishing Delta-Cimic in Shanghai. Today, it has large production bases established in Dongguan, Wujiang, Wuhu, Chenzhou, Tianjin, and more. Delta Group's Founder and Chairman Mr. Bruce Cheng said, "China has already become the largest manufacturing base for global new energy, electrical, and electronics industries. The Delta Shanghai Operations Center integrates marketing and R&D functions, speeding our reaction to the market, enhancing our R&D capability in China, and promoting brand awareness for our products in China. In addition, the Delta Group values innovative R&D and talent training, and devotes 5%-6% of the group's revenue to R&D every year. We strive to maintain our competitive advantages and develop cleaner and more effective products and system solutions by investing in energy-saving technology R&D to realize our mission: 'To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.'

In the 20 years the Delta Group has been in China, it has actively invested in R&D and cooperation with a number of universities to develop environmentally friendly, energy-saving products and solutions. Delta constantly develops energy saving products, cultivates outstanding talent, and improves green technology, while also providing many employment opportunities. For many years the Delta Group has invested in green technology and energy recycling, and promoted environmental education. It has regularly initiated design competitions for solar energy construction, and has constructed the "Sunny Primary School," a green building based on award-winning designs.

As an operational hub, the Delta Shanghai R&D and Operations Center building has established a number of large R&D units, including electrical and electronics, video transmission, automobile electronics, new energy, voice recognition, and network communication. Moreover, the Delta group has set up professional global R&D engineering teams and laboratories throughout Taiwan, Hong Kong, the USA, Thailand, Japan and Europe. The Delta Group has long-term cooperation with many top domestic and international universities to train outstanding talent, including MIT, Virginia Tech, Case Western Reserve, TsingHua University, Shanghai University, Zhejiang University, Beijing Jiao Tong University, Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Harbin Institute of Technology, that covers many technical fields. In early 1999, the Delta group established the Delta electrical and electronics R&D center in Shanghai, to develop world-leading technologies. Delta was the first Taiwan funded enterprise to set up a PhD R&D facility in China in May 2002.

The Delta Shanghai Operations center is multi-functional and can adapt to local conditions to provide investment management decisions, financial management, staff training, marketing and other services. It also engages in the development of solar energy, wind energy and other green energy, and uses electricity efficiently while researching, developing and supporting computers, IT, communication technology, and network technology. Cheng Ping, President of Delta Electronics China said, "Delta is devoted to three major areas: power supplies and components, energy management, and smart green life. We are constantly promoting our brand as 'the provider of green energy saving solutions', developing innovative energy saving products, and expanding our marketing channels. With our strong R&D capabilities, we expect Delta will experience fast and stable development in China".

The Delta Group has also set up a subsidiary Delta-Cimic, which is responsible for channel and brand marketing in Shanghai. Starting business in 1992, the Delta-Cimic has developed to provide Chinese industrial users with high efficiency and reliable power, automation, and video transmission products, solutions and services. It ranks first in market share for Chinese communication power supplies, and it is the leading manufacturer of video display and instruction automation solutions.

The Delta Electronics Shanghai R&D and Operations Center building has adopted energy-saving construction, including energy-efficient air conditioning, and natural lighting and ventilation. It uses a variety of energy efficient products developed by Delta, such as solar photovoltaic electricity generating systems, wind power, an energy-efficient cloud computing center in a container, indoor and outdoor LED lighting, elevators and air conditioning equipment with frequency converters, and more. The building also uses large, high-definition video products for energy monitoring on the first floor show room. The eco-friendly and energy efficient space will allow thousands of R&D personnel to work on many future advanced projects.
News Source: Corporate Communications
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