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  Delta Electronics Blazes a Trail in Color QR-LPD Electronic Paper Applications at CES 2011
Delta Electronics, Inc., the world's leading energy saving solutions provider, announced that it will showcase a full range of color electronic paper (e-paper) applications at the upcoming CES 2011. The new color e-paper applications were jointly developed by Delta Electronics and Bridgestone Corporation and are based on the latter's Quick Response Liquid Powder Display (QR-LPD) technologies. The full series includes a 4.1-inch e-tag, 8.2-inch and 13.1-inch e-readers, and a 21-inch e-signage display. The 8.2-inch e-reader will be distributed in the Greater China region by Vivitek Corporation, Delta's global strategic partner, and it is expected to become the world's first mass-produced China-focused color QR-LPD e-reader.

Mr. Jeff Fu, general manager of Delta Electronics' Display Solutions Business Unit, said, "There was a great deal of synergy between Bridgestone and Delta during the joint development of e-paper applications using the AeroBee products. In the strategic partnership Delta's focus is on downstream development such as product design, software and hardware integration, as well as the development of various applications for the consumer electronics and the business-professional markets. The joint-development between Bridgestone and Delta has significantly shortened the time-to-market for e-paper products and solutions, which is certain to create a lot of momentum for a variety of color e-paper applications."

The color QR-LPD e-reader, which is set for release in China, will be announced at Vivitek's booth during the upcoming CES. With an 8.2-inch Bridgestone AeroBee panel and weighing just 400 grams, the e-reader features rich color, smooth handwriting recognition, and supports wireless connectivity for improved reading comfort, providing users with the best possible digital reading experience. This is the world's first mass-produced QR-LPD e-paper application as well as the world's first China-focused color e-reader. In addition to the 8.2-inch e-reader, Delta is also releasing a 4.1-inch e-tag (electronic label), a 13.1-inch e-reader, and a 21-inch digital signage display among other multi-sized, color e-paper applications.

Delta's full range of color e-paper applications are designed with the concept to "Go Beyond Reading," which combines wireless connectivity and cloud information management systems to provide on-demand, real-time information delivery to users. The e-signage solution's wireless cloud connectivity will provide intelligent interactive displays for an optimized user experience. The energy-efficient signage products are intended for professional fields such as education, logistics, sales, outdoor advertising, and many others. E-paper applications are all supported with an integrated ecosystem to maximize business efficiency for Delta's customers.

Since 2008 Delta's partnership with Bridgestone has focused on developing QR-LPD panel technology along with its applications and services. In November 2010, the companies announced an agreement to jointly develop next-generation AeroBee e-paper modules, with the aim of accelerating QR-LPD's maturity in the market. AeroBee e-paper panels offer fast response rates, operate in a broad range of temperatures, and provide paper-like characteristics.
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