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  Delta Launches Two New Telecom Rectifiers with Industry-leading Efficiency 2.7kW and 4kW telecom rectifiers have the best-in-class 96% and 95% efficiency on the market
Taipei, Taiwan, October 27, 2009 – Delta Electronics announced the launch of two new next-generation telecom rectifiers: the DPR 2700C and the DPR 4000B, as well as its new EnergE label program. The DPR 2700C is a 2.7kW telecom rectifier that offers a 96 percent efficiency rate and a power density of 34 W/inch3 —the highest on the market in line with Delta's reputation as a leader in dense packaging the latest technologies. The new DPR 4000B rectifier series with 4kW provides an efficiency rate of 95%, also the highest on the market for its power range. Furthermore, Delta recently unveiled the EnergE label, a new program for labeling the company's most energy-efficient products.

DPR 2700C and DPR 4000B: Energy-efficient power back-up

"The two new rectifiers offer great energy savings and cost savings for all power needs. As an example, when looking on an operator's network with 1,000 sites at 10kW site load, the energy savings compared to rectifiers with traditional 90% efficiency, can easily sum up to several tens of Mega-Watt-hours (MWh) annually. In case of remote sites, where Diesel generators are often used, the savings in terms of USD and CO2 become even more." said Hans-Peter Glauser, Global Product Manager at Delta Energy Solutions Business Group. "The extended operating temperature range enables further energy savings by reducing the need for cooling."

The new rectifiers' leading-edge energy-efficiency, highest power density and intelligent controllers show Delta's commitment to sustainable development. Further sustainable features include the products' light and compact design.

EnergE label makes it easy to spot high energy efficiency

"In launching the new series, we are also introducing the EnergE concept. Delta will attach the EnergE label to products with high energy efficiency," Glauser says. "Many rectifier series are included, but Delta has set strict criteria for individual products. All EnergE products have the world's leading energy efficiency in their specific power range, and offer an efficiency of 95% or higher. We want to make sure that EnergE is a real promise of efficiency."

Energy efficiency refers to how efficiently a module converts primary into secondary energy without losses. Power density specifies how much power is packed into a single unit of volume. Essential for electronic devices, power density defines a product's current flow in relation to its size.
News Source: Corporate Communications
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