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Press Releases
  Taiwan Textile Research Institute and Delta Electronics Cooperate on Advanced Energy Storage Technology
Taipei, Taiwan, September 22 2008 –Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) and Delta Electronics, Inc. (Delta) today announced their cooperation in the field of flexible energy storage textile and advanced energy storage technology.

Currently the components used for energy storage are solid and non-flexible. TTRI has leveraged their expertise to integrate textiles with energy storage materials to develop an innovative product that is flexible, stores energy efficiently, and is also affordable. With its expertise in power management, Delta will use this new technology to develop a whole new range of applications for energy storage products.

“We are dedicated to developing new technologies and materials to help the textile industry create new business opportunities,” said Lien,Jung-shen, TTRI’s Executive Vice President. “The development and commercialization of carbon fiber is a new direction that will bring added value to the textile industry. Together TTRI and Delta will create new and innovative solutions that will benefit both the electronics and the textile industries.”

Delta Group is the leading provider of switching power supplies and a major source for power management and renewable energy solutions. It has comprehensive design experience and manufacturing capabilities for power and energy storage products. Mark Ko, President & Chief Operating Officer of Delta Group remarked, “We are very pleased to introduce this new technology from TTRI. Our cooperation will develop a variety of energy storage products for various applications. These will save energy and reduce carbon emissions in line with Delta’s mission: “To provide innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions for a better tomorrow”. Cooperating with a domestic professional research center will not only support local development and commercialization of research, but it will also establish synergies between industry and research institutes.”

About TTRI

TTRI is a textile specialized research institute including technology, product, IT service, certification, knowledge management, cross-industry cooperation. Vision of TTRI is being a leading research organization in the world, based on Team-work, Trust, Reality and Innovation approach. TTRI, being a leading textile research organization in Taiwan, has founded for around 50 years. Every year, TTRI conducts advanced research jointly with European, USA and Japan and establishes closely, long-term partnership with domestic industrial firms and academic organizations. Due to extensively knowledge-database including polymer, fiber, fabric, finish, textile-product, product design, IT-service, evaluation, certification, industry analyst and education, TTRI has great contribution in policy and technology development in textile field of Taiwan.
More information about TTRI can be found at
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