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Press Releases
  Delta Electronics Launches the Industry's First Full HD LED Home Theater DLP® Projector
Berlin, August 29, 2008 – Delta Electronics, Inc., a long-time industry leader in DLP® optics, light engine and projector development for a wide variety of applications, today announced it has completed the development of a groundbreaking full HD LED projector for the consumer market. With Delta's high throughput LED optics, 1080P resolution, plus wide color gamut, this projector provides a high image quality unmatched by any other lamp projector. It gives the viewer a completely new home theater experience with the bonus that the user is free from lamp replacement, as the life of the LED module is estimated at over 20,000 hours of normal operation.

With its experience and close partnership with Texas Instruments, Luminus Devices and other key suppliers, Delta has a unique early advantage in recognizing the feasibility of PhlatLight® LED and the value of LED projectors, and has commercialized this product for customers. Delta is supporting customer demonstrations of the projector at IFA 2008, Berlin, Germany, between August 29th and September 3rd, and CEDIA, Denver, Colorado, USA.

"The viewing experience is amazing. The image quality of the projector's full HD resolution plus saturated color and dynamic contrast is extremely impressive. With this product, we believe the era of the LED projector has arrived. Home theater projectors are just the beginning," said Jeff Fu, Director for Projection Display at Delta's Display Solutions Business Unit.

"The LED illumination system replaces the lamp, the color wheel and the shutter of a traditional projector. What is crucial is the need for a precise and complex control algorithm that allows the LED to work with the DMD to get high image quality. We have achieved groundbreaking improvements recently that enable us to bring this product to market. This LED projector is not only a new product; it truly opens a new horizon for the projector industry," said Fu.

Delta has developed LED projection technologies for years. LEDs provide end users with benefits that are not available from a lamp system. Superior color, long operational life, free of mercury and UV/IR are among the outstanding benefits an LED projector delivers to consumers. With the advantages of operational reliability and convenience, LED projectors will soon evolve from commercial products to consumer and home use.

* DLP is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments.
** PhlatLight is a registered trademark of Luminus Devices

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