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  Delta Electronics Announces High Performance Electronic Paper Development at IFA 2008 Berlin
Berlin, August 27, 2008 – Delta Electronics, Inc. announced it has developed high performance electronic paper, known as e-paper, based on Bridgestone Corporation's QR-LPD™※ (quick response liquid powder display) technology. Delta will exhibit the first version of the high performance e-paper at Booth No. 615, Hall 27 at the upcoming IFA 2008 Berlin. The expansion of Delta into this promising new business area exemplifies its mission: "to provide innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions for a better tomorrow," with e-paper technology using a fraction of the amount of energy as traditional displays.

Delta has been a pioneer in developing visual displays and has accumulated considerable expertise in building video display products. As a result, customers will benefit from a cost-effective, high performance integrated e-paper display system. "We are very pleased to enter into the e-paper arena working together with Bridgestone Corporation to develop this new display technology," said Bruce Cheng, Delta Electronics' Founder and Chairman. "This will bring us greater knowledge and provide leverage to go beyond our current achievements."

Electronic paper is a display technology designed to mimic the appearance of traditional ink on paper, such as newsprint, books, and magazines. Unlike conventional LCDs, it does not need a backlight to illuminate its image. Instead, the image provided by e-paper has the characteristics of ordinary printed-paper and is capable of being stored almost indefinitely without using electricity, while at the same time allowing the consumer to manage the image electronically on demand. In addition to traditional print, other uses for the technology would include electronic billboards, signage, and transportation timetables.

"The e-paper platform will allow us to deliver an ultra-low power, high performance solution for our customers, while at the same time significantly accelerating the depth and breadth of our display product line," said Yancey Hai, Delta Electronics' Vice Chairman and CEO. "We expect to achieve rapid time to market and return on investment incorporating Bridgestone's technology, which will translate into high performance display solutions to meet the demands of the customer."

※QR-LPD is a trademark owned by BRIDGESTONE CORPORATION

News Source: Corporate Communications
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