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  Delta Rated A+ in Information Transparency and Disclosure
Taipei, Taiwan, July 27, 2007 – Delta Electronics was rated A+ at the Securities and Futures Institute's (SFI) fourth annual information transparency and disclosure award ceremony held today. Among the 635 companies listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) and 448 companies listed Over-The-Counter (OTC), Delta was the only large company in the electronics information industry to receive an A+ rating.

"Assessing information transparency and disclosure is a major criterion of corporate governance, since a corporation has a responsibility to disclose information to its stockholders," said Mr. Hu Sheng-cheng, chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission. "We congratulate the awarded companies and we expect more companies will receive an A+ rating next year," said Mr. Din Ker-hua, chairman of the SFI.

Mr. OJ Fann, senior director of investor services at Delta, said information disclosure is not only Delta's obligation to investors and stockholders, but it also fulfills the company's corporate social responsibilities (CSR), which is why Delta stands out among listed companies. Delta continues to provide timely and accurate information to meet the requirements of corporate governance and social responsibility.

Delta's efforts in social responsibility and corporate governance are widely recognized. At a recent corporate governance forum held by TSE and the Central News Agency, Delta was chosen to represent electronics companies and share its experiences in corporate governance with other representatives of listed companies. In addition, Delta has received a best corporate governance award from the Asset Magazine, an A Class ranking by CN Intelligent Research, a British research institute, and CSR awards from Global Views Magazine for three consecutive years.

To promote transparency and corporate governance among corporations, SFI implemented the information transparency and disclosure assessment system beginning in 2003. An assessment is carried out every year to raise the awareness of information disclosure among all of Taiwan's listed companies. An information disclosure assessment task force consists of distinguished scholars, experts and researchers in their respective fields. The task force rates companies on four major assessment criteria that are based on similar criteria developed overseas and that take into account Taiwan's domestic laws and regulations. The four criteria are "timeliness of reporting," "compliance with relevant legal requirements," "information transparency in finance and operations," and "board of directors and stock holding structure." Prior to this year's recognition with an A+ rating, Delta received an A rating from SFI in 2006.

News Source: Investor Services
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