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  Beyond Profit: Striving for a Better Society
Bruce Cheng, Chairman of Delta Electronics, Receives Honorary Doctor of Engineering from National Tsing Hua University
Taipei, Taiwan, June 22, 2006 — Bruce Cheng, Chairman of Delta Electronics, received an honorary Doctor of Engineering degree from National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) today. Mr. Cheng has made exceptional achievements in industry and commerce. Yet he has also focused on the corporation's responsibility to society, and the balanced development of technology and the environment. In addition to developing energy-saving technology and products, Mr. Cheng has continued to sponsor technology research and human resource development at institutes of higher learning. At NTHU, Mr. Cheng has promoted many research activities and has provided awards and encouragement to those with special achievements. Mr. Cheng has made outstanding contributions to academic development at NTHU, and has become an example to society as a principled entrepreneur.

Mr. Bruce Cheng was born in 1936 at Jianou in China's Fujian province. During China's civil war he arrived in Taiwan as a student exile. In 1959, Mr. Cheng received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from National Cheng Kung University. During his early years as a student in Taiwan, he was alone and without family. In 1971, Mr. Cheng founded Delta Electronics with just 15 workers; today the company is global corporation with over 60 thousand employees and annual revenues of US$3.5 billion. Delta Electronics is the world's number one provider of switching power supplies and is a global leader in components, visual displays, industrial automation, networking products, and renewable energy. Worldwide, Delta has 18 research and product development labs, including leading edge technical cooperation with Virginia Polytech and the M.I.T. Spoken Language Systems Group. Beginning in June, 2000, Delta joined with Acer, Nokia, HP, NTT, Philips, and the M.I.T. Laboratory for Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory as a member of M.I.T.'s Oxygen Alliance to develop human-centered computer technology.

NTHU's decision to confer an honorary doctorate on Mr. Cheng was based not only on Delta Electronics' outstanding business accomplishments. Delta has received the "Most Admired Company" award from Commonwealth Magazine for four years in a row, as well as the "Corporate Social Responsibility" award from Global Views magazine for the past two years. The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is in accordance with NTHU's hopes and expectations, since CSR emphasizes ethics, morality, the environment, shareholder's rights, respect for employees, supplier standards, consumer rights, community participation, financial transparency, responsibility to stakeholders, and more. What is worth learning from Delta is that the pursuit of profit is not the paramount goal; it is the pursuit of what's best for both business and society. In Western countries enterprises pursue the "3P's" — Profit, People, Planet. The first year of Global Views magazine CSR award Delta placed in the front rank, yet for the second year's evaluation First Place Delta received nearly a perfect score. This shows not only Delta's persistence, but also the company's determination to surpass its own achievements. In addition, Mr. Cheng has established the Delta Foundation to sponsor university research projects and to promote environmental protection and energy-saving, in the hope of balancing technology with the environment to ensure a better world for future generations.

Mr. Cheng has given continuous encouragement and support to NTHU, and has recommended that relevant Delta business units to enter into industrial cooperation with this university. In December 2000, Mr. Cheng made a personal endowment of one million shares of Delta Electronics to NTHU (with a value of over NT$100 million) to establish the "Y.S. Sun Technology Lectureship." The endowment also assists NTHU promote technology research and provides awards to those with special achievements, including the "Y.S. Sun Honorary Chair," the "Y.S. Sun Lectureship," and the "Young Faculty Research Award." It also sponsors NTHU's industry-academic cooperation and cross-strait student and academic exchanges, and has made an outstanding contribution to NTHU's academic development.

Upon review by NTHU's honorary doctorate committee, Mr. Cheng's contribution to NTHU's academic development was declared exceptional. Moreover, Mr. Cheng is an entrepreneur with a focus on CSR, which is in line with NTHU's philosophy where the emphasis is not on profits but on the value to society, such as in research and learning. Therefore this conferment of the honorary doctorate on Mr. Bruce Cheng highlights Mr. Cheng's contribution and efforts toward corporate social responsibility, as well as anticipates that Mr. Cheng's praiseworthy example as an entrepreneur becomes a model for all at NTHU to follow.
News Source: National Tsing Hua University
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