Electric Motors & Power Control Units
  Electric Motors & Power Control Units
By leveraging experiences from industrial motor manufacturing and automation, Delta has developed its own automotive Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. With optimized motor structure, magnetic flux and thermal dissipation, Delta is able to improve the power density of the motor and provide a peak efficiency as high as 95% and above.

Power Control Unit (PCU) is the controller of a motor drive system. By adjusting DC current distribution, PCU is able to control motor's toque and speed to meet system's loading demand. Furthermore, the system incorporates schemes to optimize efficiency via regenerative braking and self-detection function to prevent abnormalities.

Delta's PCU design integrates power electronics of four major systems: Traction Motor Drive, ISG Motor Drive, A/C Motor Drive and DC/DC Converter. The system can be applied to electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and other off-road platform used for lifting or transporting materials. Delta's total solution in power electronics and Traction Motor Drive brings better synergy among different subsystems and is able to achieve system efficiency of 90% and above.
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