Power Meter

DCT Series

Power Meter - DCT Series

Delta’s Current Transformer Series adopts 3rd party precision certification, and can be matched with Delta’s multi-function meter products with simple installation.

● Transforms primary current and works with power meter for current measurement
● Complies with IEC precision criteria
● Different types to meet various applications
● Complies with UL94-V0 for fire safety standards
The DCT-2000 Series can be matched with the Delta Multifunction Power Meter DPM Series for long-term electricity data recording and analysis, and is applicable for power quality analysis, electronic filters, lighting, and power usage of electrical equipment
Machine tools, industrial automation, electrical equipment, medium or low voltage distribution systems, robotic arms, industrial robots, semiconductor equipment, textile equipment, machining factory, and the automation systems of electrical, railroad, petrochemical, metallurgical, chemical and food industries
Energy management systems for offices, building elevators, equipment, public electricity facilities, warehouses, factories, building automation systems
Matched with Delta’s Multifunction Power Meters DPM Series, the DCT-2000 Series performs the following functions: electricity monitoring, energy consumption recording and management, abnormal consumption alerts, energy analysis and forecast
  Solid core current transformer
  Compact split core current transformer
  Split core current transformer (UL certification)
  Split core current transformer (CE certification)
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