Discovering Delta’s Cloud to Edge AI
Delta @ COMPUTEX 2024
Visit us at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
Hall 1, 4F, Stand M0320
June 4 – 7, 2024
Under the theme of “Discovering Delta’s Cloud to Edge AI”, the booth design represents a large-scale AI data center. The showcase features a comprehensive portfolio of smart and energy-saving data center infrastructure solutions, AI server power supplies, liquid cooling systems, passive components, encompassing both cloud and edge computing.

In the face of the rapid rise of the AI industry, Delta’s broad spectrum of solutions is enabling superior energy efficiency within the entire grid-to-chip power delivery process in AI data centers, even at the server rack stage and at the board level where AI chips operate.

From Grid to Chip


Prefabricated Power Train Unit Solutions


Containerized Data Center Solutions


Data Center Infrastructure


Power & Power Choke


Liquid & Air Cooling


iDCIM & VORTEX Cloud Surveillance


Remote PC Array


AI PC Adaptors & Thermal Solutions


AI Applications

What You Will Discover

Prefabricated Data Center Solutions

Delta provides diverse prefabricated data center solutions to customers. Prefabricated power train units (PTU) can provide more than 1.7 MW of power with just a 40ft container. The all-in-one prefabricated data center solution integrates the infrastructure and IT equipment of the data center into the container, meeting the rapid deployment and high scalability requirements of customers.

Liquid Cooling Solutions

Delta delivers tailored solutions for traditional data centers to AI data centers. The Air-Assisted Liquid Cooling (AALC) solutions are perfect for upgrading existing air cooling systems. Delta's Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) liquid cooling solutions efficiently cool dozens of high-density racks and offer ideal solutions to the cooling challenges of AI data centers.

800G Data Center Switch

Delta’s 800G data center switches are cutting-edge solutions designed to meet the demands of today’s AI and cloud data center infrastructures. This state-of-the-art switch is powered by a Tomahawk5 51.2Tbps ASIC, with bidirectional high-density 800 GbE ports, making it an ideal high radix network for hyperscale AI and machine learning clusters.

Power Shelf

The debuted 66kW Power Shelf integrates twelve 5.5kW PSUs with 48V high-voltage output and 97.5% power efficiency. It also features PMC with PoE functionality and four relay modules with C19 connectors.

Liquid Cooling Solutions
Cold Plate / CDU

Liquid Cooling Solutions for AI GPUs and CPUs include Cold Plate Loops and Rack CDUs, which are integrated to achieve highly efficient liquid cool AI server and rack.

Air Cooling Solutions
3D VC / AI Fan

Leveraging core technologies of DC Fan and 3D VC designs, Delta offers highly efficient and complete air cooling solutions for AI GPUs and CPUs.

High Power Air Mover for Datacenter Facility

The energy-saving EC Technology High Power Air Mover enables more than 30% power saving with data center cooling equipment: Chiller/AHU.

High Power Density Power Choke

The two-in-one/TLVR power choke that boosts power density and transient response efficiency to meet the power demand of high power AI acceleration cards.

DC/DC Un-regulated Bus Converter (UBC)

The DC/DC converter provides 48V/12V bi-directional conversion with 98% efficiency, featuring 1,000W output power, power density exceeding 5,000 W/in³, parallel operation and PMBus communication.

BIM-empowered iDCIM Solution

Providing one-stop service for data centers and building management, the iDCIM solution integrates BIM building information modeling technology and DCIM, optimizing data center layout, realizing effective management of facility piping and network wiring, and improving the maintenance management efficiency.

VORTEX - AI Cloud Surveillance

VORTEX employs Edge AI for real-time alerts, reducing false alarms and enhancing security for people, vehicles, and assets. It can integrate seamlessly, boosting management efficiency and minimizing risks.

AIDEN - Service Robot

AIDEN (Autonomous Intelligence for Delivery and Engagement), a heartland delivery and check-in service robot, delivers food and essentials to home-bound seniors and conduct house visits to reduce the workload of care service providers. With its AI-enabled capability, AIDEN can ride an elevator autonomously and navigate safely and courteously among human traffic.

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