U+ Far UVC Disinfection Device

The new Delta U+ Disinfection Device Care 222® Series employs the Care 222® technology from Ushio, a Japanese leader in special light-source technologies, as the best UV disinfection solution. Featuring contact and residuals free sterilization, the series serves as a more effective disinfectant than alcohol by inactivating viruses and bacteria on the surface of objects and in the air, thus delivering better performance for pandemic prevention. In fact, it has been proven to be significantly bacteriostatic against COVID-19.

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A Safe Delta U+ Disinfection Device

Care 222® is a light source module that can inactivate bacteria and viruses with ultraviolet light emitted at the wavelength of 222nm. The 254nm wavelength ultraviolet rays commonly used are easily absorbed by DNA, which is bacteriostatic indeed, but it also exerts an adverse impact on human cells. The special, shorter wavelength of UV-C 222nm light, in contrast, is germicidal as it penetrates the DNA of viruses and bacteria. However, when irradiated on people, 222nm light will be absorbed by the stratum corneum of our skin before reaching the DNA of human cells. Conversely, longer wavelength of 254nm ultraviolet rays can penetrate the layers of our skin and cause damage to the DNA in our skin cells.


Germicidal features of Care 222®

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