Connected Lighting

Based on the latest Delta BIC (Bluetooth® Intelligent Control) technology, Delta Connected Lighting System offers a wireless mesh network to build smart IoT applications upon, with the beauty of simplicity and scalability.

Delta Connected lighting System represents:

  • Smart IoT connected infrastructure that can be easily built with the lighting system to minimize installation cost;
  • A plug-and-play lighting control system;
  • A future-proof service platform that supports the most advanced intelligent applications such as RTLS (real-time locating system).

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Product Introduction

Features & Benefits

Delta BIC technology is currently the core of Delta Connected lighting system. It complies with the latest Bluetooth Mesh Profile standard and comprises 3 useful toolboxes:

  • EZ Installation: A powerful tool making system with a quick and easy set-up, taking only 1/3 of the time generally needed for installing an IP-based lighting control system.
  • Smart Control: Preset lighting control packages including scheduling, and scene settings.
  • Data Acquisition: Embedded receiver for iBeacon and EddyStone broadcasting to facilitate the operation of value-added services.

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